There are multiple ways for transferring data between Netvisor and other systems. The most user friendly data transfer method is to use Netvisor's Web Service interface, which enables building integrations for two-way data transfer. Using this is warmly recommended when you need to transfer big amounts of data, do data transfers often or want to avoid manual work in data transfer. Please see section Web Service interface for more details and you can find existing integrations from Netvisor's Market Place

Sometimes you need only simpler transfers. Therefore we have created also file based data transfer methods. Please see section Other data transfer methods for details.

Web Service interface

Most effective way to transfer data between Netvisor and other systems is with Netvisor Web Service interface. You can find a list of commercial integration implementations on Netvisor's Market Place.
If you didn't find the integration you were looking for on the list, it is often possible to order the wanted implementation from some programming company or from the manufacturer of the software which needs to be integrated. Also you can wish/propose new software or partner with form, which can be found from the bottom of the right panel Ehdota uutta integraatiota tai palvelua.

Creating an integration requires always some programming because data transfer to and from Netvisor must be done by an active software component. Software component sends request to Netvisor Web Service interface and gets responses from it. Data is transferred in XML format. Usually the software component changes the data to needed format and possibly also exports/imports data to the other end's system. Depending on the implementation, data transfers can be done fully automatic or the data transfers can be user-driven. Please see our WS interface documentation for details.  

Netvisor software interface service needs to be activated when you want to transfer data to Netvisor or from Netvisor over the API. Using Netvisor's Web Service Interface is a service, which will be billed on monthly basis. Monthly fees are based on target company's revenue class. Read more about the software interface service activation and pricing.

Other data transfer methods

We have also created some other ways for importing data to Netvisor:

  1. Intelligent Excel sheets (Budgeting, Accounting materials, Invoicing, Payslips, Working hours)
    Import is done by entering data in the Excel table, which has built-in functionality to import data to Netvisor. Unfortunately, instructions are currently available only in Finnish.

  2. Data import
    Functionality for importing the basic information of customers, products, vendors and accounting material in CSV format or invoices in (Finvoice) XML format. Unfortunately, instructions are currently available only in Finnish.

  3. eScan and Mobil Scanner
    For importing PDF-documents or pelectronic images by e-mail or mobile devices. Unfortunately, instructions are currently available only in Finnish.

If you want to export data from Netvisor, all currently supported methods are using Web Service interface or taking a material copy from Netvisor.

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