Netvisor software interface service needs to be activated when you want to transfer data to Netvisor or from Netvisor over the API. 

The API service is activated as follows:

  1. Login to Netvisor and select the organization where you want to transfer data
  2. Click company's name in the upper left corner. This will open the Service Management view (Please see the picture below) 
  3. Click "Rights of interface resources"

From the API resource access rights  it is possible to open or close the whole API traffic. It is also possible to activate only certain resources. API billing starts only when the first successful request is made.

Closing the API

API is closed from the API Security Panel. Billing will end at the end of the current month.2018-08-24_13-44-08.png

Creating API Identifiers

API identifiers (User ID and Key) are listed on the page "API and identifiers", please see the picture below.

You can create new API identifiers by clicking the button "Create new API indentifiers", please see the picture below.2018-08-24_13-51-51.pngOne user can have multiple API identifiers. The number of identifiers is not restricted or limited. Please note that the identifiers cannot be edited or deleted.

Please notice that the software integration partner and customer using the integration are responsible of the data that is transferred to Netvisor via integration. To avoid any misuse, please keep the identifiers safe and only in your own knowledge.


Using Netvisor API is included in Professional- and Premium -service packages. Netvisor Store Extensions, importing invoices in Finvoice-xml and Smart Excel tables can be used with all service packages. Please note that activating web service interface does not automatically update customer to package pricing. The Netvisor service package also doesn't update automatically to Professional or Premium when activating web service interface. Updating service package or moving to package pricing must always be done in Netvisor Store. According to the old pricing model, using Netvisor's Web Service Interface is a service, which will be billed on monthly basis. Monthly fees are based on target company's revenue class.
The prices are shown in the table below:

Company's revenueMonthly fee (VAT 0%)

less than 0,2 Meur


0,2 - 0,5 Meur


0,5 - 1,0 Meur


1,0 - 2,0 Meur


2,0 - 5,0 Meur


5,0 - 10,0 Meur


Some of the API functionalities may generate a transaction fee. If the charge is generated, it is specifically mentioned in the resource-specific instructions. A transaction fee is a customer-specific.

API functionalities that have transaction fee:

  • Import accounting data (accounting.nv)
  • Import purchase invoice (purchaseinvoice.nv)
  • Import eScan document (eScan.nv)

The usage of other API functionalities is included in the monthly service fee.



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