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Niklas Vettanen

Multiple languages for product register API

13-04-2021 10:57 am tekijä Anonymous (Päivitetty 29-04-2021 tekijä Niklas Vettanen)

Hi Joel,


Sorry for the late response. The issue has been discussed on a support ticket.


Enjoy your week!


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12-11-2021 6:51 pm tekijä Anonymous



Right now I'm using the netvisor API to implement invoicing in our service. We also keep the customer and product registers synced using the appropriate API endpoints.


When using the Premium package of netvisor it is possible to set different names (and description and unit) for different languages on the products, but the API doesn't allow me to set theses texts in more than one language which always seems to be Finnish.


Is it possible that you would change the API so to make it possible to change the texts in more than one language?


Also, is it possible to change the default language from Finnish to something else?


Thank you!

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