Marja-Liisa Lohtander


View of Account specific entries is renewing

31-10-2022 4:57 pm posted by Marja-Liisa Lohtander

Account specific entries -view is renewing in Week release on 10.11.2022. The functions of the view remain mostly unchanged but the view is faster also with big data amounts. Also the design is new. In the new view you can choose the columns you want to see. This function you will find on “View columns” button. 

After releasing the new page, the following changes have been made: 

  • printer icon inserted

  • background colours to rows inserted

  • we changed the view more compact in order to provide easier access to transactions when there are lots of them

  • when saving the follow-up object from Allocate function, the view redirects you back to Account specific view

  • When allocating transactions, the drilling from Voucher number of the transaction to be allocated is now possible.


Peter Enggaard

07-11-2022 4:30 pm posted by Peter Enggaard

Will there also be the possibility of transferring the report directly to Excel with amounts formatted correctly etc?

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Marja-Liisa Lohtander


24-11-2022 3:41 pm posted by Marja-Liisa Lohtander

Hi Peter, 

we have not planned to make an Excel export to this view. So at this point there is a possibility to print it in pdf-format, and have it in a html-format, both from printer icon. 

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