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A foreign user (a person without Finnish bank ID's/mobile ID) can be invited by a person with the company's User Administrator (KH) or Accounting office’s administrator (TPK) role:

1. Go to the user's information via the following path: Company's name on the top left-hand corner > Users and roles > click on the user's name from the list. Next, click on the link "Invite using mobile application" on the left. The invitation link is active when the user's nationality is something other than Finland.

2. Click "Send invitation". The invitation is sent to the given email address and is valid for 24 hours.

Note! If the user does not receive a 6-digit verification code via text message and cannot order it himself/herself (the invited user can request a new verification code from the application max. 2 times), the person with the TPK/KH role can generate a verification code for the invited user from the invitation view from the link "Did the user not receive the invitation?".

More detailed instructions can be found here: 

Inviting a foreign user in to Netvisor (in Finnish)

Instructions for the invited user (in English)

In Netvisor, the transaction rows use a VAT identifier and a VAT percentage. With the use of them it is easier to control the calculation and reporting of VAT. You can find all VAT identifiers used in Netvisor here, (unfortunately this article is only available in Finnish and Swedish for now): Arvonlisäveron käsittely ja järjestelmän ALV-tunnisteet

You can download a material copy independently from the company's environment according to this instruction: Aineistokopiopalvelu.The charge for a material copy is 125 €.The charge is only once per billable month (e.g. January).You can therefore download a material copy in parts, as long as the entire download is done within one month, and this will only result in one charge.It is also possible to order a material copy from our customer support. In this case, a labor charge of €160/h is added to the charge for the material copy.

The use of the Visma Scanner mobile application requires only a Netvisor user ID (person is a Netvisor user). No separate user rights or roles are needed to create Visma Scanner IDs. Start creating these IDs from Extensions>eScan settings> Create login IDs for yourself. Then download the Visma Scanner application to your phone and start usage.More instructions in Finnish: Visma Scanner- mobiilisovellus.

The password can be changed by logging into Netvisor>Extensions>eScan settings>Update user ID-link.

Creating a travel or expense invoice in Netvisor requires that the person has been established as an employee in Netvisor. "Travels" service has to be turned on for chargeable services for the employee's basic information.Travel expense report  is created from Travel>New travel expense report>Create travel’s title and choose participants.More instructions in Finnish: Luo uusi matka-ja kululasku.

First clear the cookies and cache and restart your browser. Then, check that you are using the latest version of the browser and update it if necessary. You can also try to login with a different browser or to another electric service with your bank credentials to see if the issue is with the credentials. 

If the problem consists, please contact us in our support here: Send request.

When the invoice payment material has been sent to the bank, the status of the invoice changes to "in payment service". The payment is credited to the invoice automatically when the bank statement on the due date arrives in Netvisor and the status of the invoice changes to "paid" mode. More instructions in Finnish: Payment of purchase invoices.

You can make a separate payment service agreement by contacting the bank you use, the guidance and templates for different banks is in Maksuliikenteestä sopiminen ja sopimuspohjat but unfortunately the page is available only in Finnish.