The active company is shown in the upper left corner of the Netvisor user interface. Menu opens when you click on the name of the company. Behind the menu you can find all functions related to managing the company.

If you have rights to several companies in Netvisor, you can change them by clicking on the triangle next to the company name. The company is changed by clicking on the company name, or searching for a company by typing in the search field. You can choose the company you use the most as the default login company by selecting "Set as default login company" below the company search.

If you own rights to more than eight companies, not all companies will be shown directly in the company listing. The list can be viewed from the magnifying glass button. You can also set your frequently used companies in the quick menu, so that access to them will be faster in the future.

 User menu

Through the user menu, you can view and edit your own basic information via the "My basic settings" link. It is good to keep your e-mail address and phone number up to date so that Netvisor's automatic system messages reach you. You can also change the user interface language between Finnish, English and Swedish.

Other functions

In the menu at the top of Netvisor, you can also find the functions shown in the picture below.

NetBoxi is intended for secure and efficient transfer of salary information. You can write a message directly to the payroll accountants or deliver payroll-related files as attachments. As a payroll accountant, you can see the submitted information in Netvisor.
For important announcements, you can see Community's Situation Room announcements.
From the Community function, you can search for Community events and go to the Community.
Through the Help and Support function, you can search directly from our help or go to our instructions. In addition, there you can find customer service contact information and you can create support requests and report malfunctions.
Use the Log out button to log out of Netvisor. The service's logout time is two hours, if no changes are made regarding recording/editing during this time. Or change the view in use.

Section menus

The menus are opened by moving the mouse over them. If the user does not have the right to the service section or any function under it, the section is shown in gray in the menu with a picture of a lock.

Create New function

In the menu on the left, there is a quick link section, where the user is shown the quick functions of the service sections in use within the scope of user rights to create new things.

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