It is possible to bring receipts via email but also via Visma Scanner mobile application. You can download the app from AppStore (iPhone) or from Google Play Store (Android devices). Visma Scanner makes it possible to give more detailed information and it also enables automation. Netvisor creates automatically either voucher or travel expense report from the data if user has given required information when sending the receipt. If all the required information has not been given in mobile app, the receipt will be brought to Netvisor’s eScan data processing view, where user needs to do the processing.

To use Visma Scanner mobile app, Netvisor user ID is required. Additional user is charged according to currently valid price list. If the person who uses Visma Scanner has resource management on, there will not be additional fee of using Visma Scanner. Otherwise eScan price list is used as charge criteria.

Note that pictures taken with the app, which are not attached to any data, are saved for six (6) months. Pictures will be removed after this.

Beginning to use Visma Scanner and functionalities

Logging in to receipt scanner is done with user ID and password. Before downloading the app, user must log in to Netvisor and create user ID and password for the mobile app. From Netvisor, open "Extensions > eScan settings" and create login ID. From this same view you can change forgotten password by clicking next to created ID ‘Update user ID’. For user ID, user has to have existing email address and password has to full fill following requirements:

  • At least eight (8) characters long
  • Includes at least one number
  • Includes at least one special character
  • Includes at least one small letter and capital letter

After creating the ID, download mobile app either from AppStore or from Google Play Store. You can find the app by clicking the icons below.

In tablet devices mobile app only works with iOS operating system.

After downloading the app and logging in,chose the company where the receipts are to be moved. If receipts are scanned to several companies user must first log off from Visma Scanner and after new log in to choose the company where receipts are to be sent.

After choosing the company last step is to choose if the receipt will be delivered by email or are they brought straight to the system. "Send to the system" will bring the receipts straight in to the chosen company’s Netvisor environment.

Picture taken with Visma Scanner, the following information can be added:

  • Payment method
  • Cost type
  • Total
  • VAT%
  • Payment date
  • Comment
  • Currency
  • Dimensions

Cost types in Visma Scanner

Cost types that are shown in the Visma Scanner are managed in Netvisor. If company has Netvisor’s salary section in use, cost type will be in Visma Scanner according to salary type. If company doesn’t have Salary section in use, cost types shown in Visma Scanner can be managed in "Extensions > Processing of eScan data". Click "Company-specific functions" and from the menu that opens "Cost type management". Cost type and default account can be added from "Add new cost type" link. Cost type can be edited or deleted from last cell of the row via arrow key. Accounting account that is used comes from cost center.

Clearing account for Visma Scanner

To use Visma Scanner, clearing account needs to be set if it is wished that vouchers will be formed via automation to Netvisor. Receipt scanners clearing account is added from Accounts used in default postings, more specific instruction can be found through the link (in Finnish).

Forming voucher automatically

Netvisor tries to form accounting records automatically from the scanned data if at least the following information is given in mobile app:

  • Payment method is something else than "Log a travel expense report"
  • Cost type
  • Total
  • VAT%
  • Payment date

Vouchers formed by the system will be logged to voucher type "Pump Brought events". Accounting account will be chosen by cost type user has set in the mobile app. Contra-entry will always be done to the clearing account defined in receipt scanners default postings.

If there is no clearing account set in Netvisor, system cannot automatically form accounting entry so document has to be processed manually.

Forming travel expense report automatically

Netvisor will form a travel expense report automatically from the data if at least the following information is given in mobile app:

  • Payment method is something else than "Log a travel expense report"
  • Cost type
  • Total
  • VAT%
  • Comment/Description. This creates travel expence's title.

In mobile app there is also possibility to choose users not acknowledged travel expense row to be added in travel expense report that is already in the system and is not acknowledged, and to bring a receipt to the row. Instructional video about adding a receipt to already existing travel expense report can be watched in here (in Finnish).

Payment methods can be managed in Netvisor in the basic data of sales, on the "Management of methods of payment" tab. 

Processing data manually in the interface

If enough information was not given in the mobile app to execute automation, it is also possible to finish processing data to voucher, travel expense report or purchase invoice manually. While making the entry, photographed receipt is visible so making the entry is easy. Attaching a receipt to sales invoice is also possible.

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