Resource: getproduct.nv

HTTP-method: GET

Note! If you are using Rackbeat inventory management in Netvisor, the API documentation can be found here:

Before retrieving product information, a list of products must be requested to pick the identifier of the wanted product. Specific product information of one product can be retrieved with the Netvisor key. Using parameters idlist or codelist, specific product information of max 400 products can be retreived.

Querystring parameters:

Parameter nameOccursDescriptionExample
id0...1Netvisor key of the wanted product123
idlist0...1Can be used to get the details of several products with given ID. Max. 400 identifiers.1,2,3
eancode0...1EAN-code of the wanted product123456789012
code0...1Product code of the wanted product123
codelist0...1Returns full information of all the wanted products using product code as the identifier1,2,product
showsubproducts0...1If 1, returns all the sub products as well1
If 1, returns only active (not-deleted) products
If 2, returns only published (including deleted, but published) products
If 3, returns only active products 


LevelElement nameType and lengthOccursDescriptionExample
3NetvisorKeyNumeric1Netvisor key of the product 
3ProductCodeString1Product code CC
3ProductGroupString1Product group's name Books
3NameString1Product's name Code Complete 
3DescriptionString1Description Second edition 
3UnitPriceNumeric1Net price of a single unit 42,5
Attr.typeString1Always netnet
3UnitGrossPriceNumeric1Gross price of a single unit52,7
Attr.typeString1Always grossgross
3UnitString1Unit of measurementpc
3UnitWeightNumeric1Weight of a single unit.
NB element is expired, please use element ProductNetWeight instead
3PurchasePriceNumeric1Purchase price of a single unit 25
3TariffHeadingString1Tariff headingCode Complete 
3ComissionPercentageNumeric1Commission 11
3IsActiveNumeric1Is product active: 0 = no, 1 = yes1
3IsSalesProductNumeric1Is this a sales product: 0 = no, 1 = yes0
3CountryOfOriginString1Country of originFI
Attr.typeString1Always ISO-3166ISO-3166
3DefaultVatPercentNumeric1VAT rate24
3DefaultDomesticAccountNumberNumeric1Domestic account number by default 
3DefaultEuAccountNumberNumeric1EU area account number by default 
3DefaultOutsideEuAccountNumberNumeric 1International account number by default  


5DimensionNameString1Name of the dimensionAnimals

5DimensionItemString1Name of the dimension itemDogs

3InventoryAmountNumeric1Amount in storage 2,00
3InventoryMidPriceNumeric1Average price 5,00
3InventoryValueNumeric1Inventory value: amount in storage * average price 10,0000
3InventoryReservedAmountNumeric1Amount reserved 1,00
3InventoryOrderedAmountNumeric1Amount ordered 0,00
3InventoryAccountNumberNumeric1Storage account1521
3ProductNetWeightNumeric1Net weight11,20
Attr.weightunitString1Unit of net weight: g, kg or tkg
3ProductGrossWeightNumeric1Gross weight12,60
Attr.weightunitString1Unit of gross weight: g, kg or tkg
4PackageWidthNumeric1Package width in centimeters7,30
Attr.unitString1Package width unitcm
4PackageHeightNumeric1Package height in centimeters15,00
Attr.unitString1Package height unitcm
4PackageLengthNumeric1Package lenght in centimeters36,10
Attr.unitString1Package lenght unitcm
3PrimaryEanCodeNumeric1Primary EAN code of the product123456789012
3SecondaryEanCodeNumeric1Secondary EAN code of the product555444332221

3ParentsAggr.1Parent products

5NetvisorkeyNumeric1Netvisor key of the parent product748
5AmountNumeric1Amount of product1
5PurchasePriceChangeNumeric1Purchase price change5,50
5UnitPriceChangeNumeric1Unit price change5,50
3ChildrenAggr.1Sub products

5NetvisorkeyNumeric1Netvisor key of the subproduct789
5AmountNumeric1Amount of products1
5PurchasePriceChangeNumeric1Purchase price change5,50
5UnitPriceChangeNumeric1Unit price change5,50

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