Resource: inventorybywarehouse.nv

HTTP-method: GET

Note! If you are using Rackbeat inventory management in Netvisor, the API documentation can be found here:

This resource allows retrieving product inventory for each warehouse. If detailed information about a product is needed, they can be retrieved with Get product details.

Querystring parameters:

productid0...1Filter search with productid (Netvisor key)123
productidlist0...1Filter search with several product id's (Netvisor key), separated with comma123,456,789
inventoryplaceid0...1Filter with inventory ID
inventoryplacename0...1Filter with inventory namewarehouse 5
limitvendorid0..1Filter with vendor's ID
changedsince0...1Filter to changes since the time given1.5.2014 12:00:00
limitunderalertlimit0...11 = return only products under alert limit1
productgroupname0...1Limit search to given product groupexample group

Example query:
(retrieve products under alert limit from inventory with id 321)


LevelElement nameType and lengthOccursDescriptionExample
3NetvisorKeyNumeric1Product's ID in the database, can be used to retrieve full product information or to link the product to an invoice165
3NameString1Product nameTest product
3CodeString1Product's codeTT
3GroupNameString1Productgroupcampaign products
3ProductUriString1URI for retrieving full product information/getproduct.nv?id=165
4NetvisorKeyNumeric1Warehouse's ID
4NameString1Warehouse's nameMain warehouse
4ReservedAmountNumeric1Amount reserved from this warehouse10,00
4OrderedAmountNumeric1Amount ordered to this warehouse15,00
4InventoryAmountNumeric1Amount of product in this warehouse34,00
3TotalReservedAmountNumeric1Amount of reserved from all warehouses524,00
3TotalOrderedAmountNumeric1Amount ordered from all warehouses125,00
3TotalAmountNumeric1Amount of product in all warehouses647,00

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