It is possible to import customers to Netvisor from Excel-tables or other systems. It is also possible to update existing customer data using an Excel-table. 

Data import -function enables importing customer data from other systems into Netvisor in CSV (Comma delimited / Luetteloerotin) -format. CSV-format is a common data transfer format used when transferring data between systems. You can create a CSV-file by for example saving a spreadsheet file in CSV (Comma delimited / Luetteloerotin). Please note that if the file name has special characters it can cause an error when importing the file.

The Data import -function is available for all companies without additional costs. The user must have editing authorization for "Perustietojen hallinta" and "Perustietojen tuonti" in Accounting Function specific rights. Data import -function can be found in Netvisor from Company menu > Data import and export > Data import.

Fields used in Customer detail Data import

If all compulsory information fields are not given, the import cannot be done. The information has to be given in rows.

Imported data in FinnishImported data translationDescription
AsiakaskoodiCustomer codeRecommended. When updating customer info, this field is used in targeting information to existing customers.
NimiNameCompulsory, max 250 characters
OsoiteAddressCompulsory, max 80 characters
PostinumeroPostcodeCompulsory, max 50 characters
PostitoimipaikkaCityCompulsory, max 80 characters
AktiivinenActiveIf the customer is passive, give value 0. If the customer is active, give value 1. If the information is not given, the default is active.
AlennusprosenttiDiscount percentage 
AsiakasryhmäCustomer groupMax 50 characters
HintaryhmäPrice group 
KotisivutInternetMax 80 characters
LaskutuskieliInvoice language 
LisätietojaCommentNetvisor Comment-field. Max 2500 characters
MaksuehtoPayment term 
Nimen jatkeName extensionMax 250 characters
OletusmyyjäDefault seller 
OletustoimitusehtoDefault term of delivery 
OletustoimitustapaDefault delivery method 
Osoitteen jatkoAdditional address lineMax 80 characters
PankkitiliBank accountWithout blanks
PuhelinPhoneMax 80 characters
SähköpostiE-mailMax 200 characters
SähköpostilaskutusosoiteE-mail invoice addressMax 500 characters
SaldorajaBalance limit 
TelefaxFaxMax 80 characters
ToimitusmaaDelivery country 
ToimitusosoiteDelivety addressMax 80 characters
ToimituspostinumeroDelivery postcodeMax 50 characters
ToimituspostitoimipaikkaDelivery cityMax 80 characters
ToimitusyritysDelivery officeMax 250 characters
VerkkolaskuoperaattoriE-invoice operatorIf the e-invoice operator is given, the e-invoice address must be given.
VerkkolaskuosoiteE-invoice addressIf the e-invoice address is given, the e-invoice operator must be given.
Y-tunnusBusiness ID 
YhteyshenkilöContact personOnly one contact person can be imported
Yhteyshenkilön puhelinContact person phoneMax 80 characters
Yhteyshenkilön sähköpostiContact person e-mailMax 200 characters
VakioviiteStandard reference 
HenkilöasiakasPrivate customerIf it's a private customer, give value 1. Otherwise leave empty.

Here are the example files for import:

Cost objects cannot be imported with Customer data import but they can be updated for customers after import. The update can be done via Customer listing in "Customer listing functions".

Getting started

In the CSV file the data of one customer needs to be given on one row, each field separated in their own column. Remove the empty columns so that if there is no information in the column, remove it completely.

Format the file as text before import to avoid problem with numbers. If the file is handled with default settings, it can cause problems with numbers starting with zeros (e.g. 00130 Helsinki -> 130 Helsinki).

The format can be changed:

  1. Select the whole table
  2. Click the mouse's second button
  3. Select "Format cells"
  4. Select category "Text" (see picture below)

If you are using MAC, the format should be "Windows- comma separated (.csv)" or "Windows Comma Separated (.csv)". Newer MAC's may not have these formats and in these cases the import should be done on Windows workstation.

Steps of Customer data import

  1. Open Company menu and find "Data import".
  2. Select the correct data type "Asiakastietojen tuonti" (see picture below, point 1) and press "Selaa..." (2).
  3. Find the file you are importing and press "Submit data" (3).
  4. The next step is to link imported fields to corresponding fields in Netvisor customer details. These are shown only in Finnish so please see the table in "Fields used in Customer detail Data import" to link the fields correctly. By pressing "choose" (see picture below, step 1) a dropdown menu will open. From the dropdown menu you can choose what information is imported in the selected column. In the picture below the selection has been made (2) and the column includes customer code. 
  5. If the imported file has column headlines by selecting "First row contains column headlines (not imported)" these headlines are not imported to Netvisor (3).
  6. After all the fields have been selected, press "Update selected fields" (4). If you are updating customer information and the customer code matches with an existing customer code, after pressing "Update selected fields", the Operation column is updated to show "Edit". Before that the Operation column always shows "Insert" even if the customer code exists in Netvisor.
  7. Green colour indicates that the imported information is correct (see picture below, step1). Red indicates error and the row is not imported.
  8. Summary (see picture below, step 2) shows that the file has one new customer, one edited customer and one customer with errors and that customer is not imported. If this customer needs to be imported as well, correct the errors into CSV file and start the import from the beginning. "Edits" tells that the customer already exists in Netvisor.
  9. "Reference" -link (see picture below, step 3) will redirect to the existing customer details in Netvisor.
  10. After selecting the fields, two different functions are shown:
    1. "Update only above updatable fields" (4) - This will handle only "Edit" (3) fields and all new fields are skipped.
    2. "Continue to choose relation infromation" (5) - This will import all new customers (Inserts) to Netvisor and also update existing ones (Edits).
  11. After pressing "Continue to choose relation information" reference fields are chosen. The selected fields are:
    1. Asiakasryhmä - Customer group
    2. Maksuehto - Payment term
    3. Maa - Country
    4. Laskun tulostuskieli - Invoice language
    5. Verkkolaskuoperaattori - E-invoice operator
    6. Hintaryhmä - Price group
    7. Oletustoimitusehto - Default term of delivery
    8. Oletustoimitustapa - Default delivery method
    9. Oletusmyyjä - Default seller
  12. The fields on the CSV file will be updated to existing fields automatically. If the fields are not updated or the field has been empty in the CSV file, you can choose the field (e.g. customer group, payment term) manually from the dropdown menu. After the fields have been selected, the import is done by pressing "Save data".

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