Resource: customer.nv

HTTP-method: POST

With customer.nv old customer details can be edited or a new customer can be added to Netvisor.

When editing existing customer details, the XML should only include details that are intended to be updated. If the XML contains blank fields(elements), are these fields updated as blank in Netvisor.

If customerfinvoicedetails element is given, element content validity is not checked. The operator must be still found from system. The list of operator codes that are allowed in Netvisor is found here.

Querystring parameters:

Parameter nameOccursDescriptionExample
method1add or editadd
id0...1Must be defined if method = edit, defines customer to update123

If method has not been supplied or the customer to update is not found for the id, an INVALID_DATA -error with further information is returned.

The id of a customer to update can be obtained with Get Customer List, and salesperson id with Get Salespersonnel List.

The data to import is sent with the query as an XML with the following structure:

LevelElement nameType and lengthOccursDescriptionExample
3internalidentifierString, max 500...1Customer's identifierMM123
Attr.typeString0...1automatic (if given and internalidentifier is empty, customer's identifier in Netvisor will be the next free customer identifier)automatic
3externalidentifierString0...1Organization identifier or private customer social security number123456-7
3organizationunitnumberString, max 170...1Organization unit number0037123456715
3nameString, max 2500...1Customer's nameMatti Meikäläinen
3nameextensionString, max 2500...1Extension for nameToimitusjohtaja
3streetaddressString, max 800...1Customer's Street addressPajukuja 1
3additionaladdresslineString, max 800...1Additional address line  
3cityString, max 800...1Customer's post officeLappeenranta
3postnumberString, max 500...1Customer's post number 53100
3countryString, 0...1Customer's country code FI
Attr.typeString0...1Always ISO-3166ISO-3166
3customergroupnameString, max 500...1Customer is attached to group by its name. If group does not exists, new group is createdAlennusasiakkaat
3phonenumberString, max 800...1Customer's phone number040 123456
3faxnumberString, max 800...1Customer's fax number 05 123456
3emailString, max 2000...1Customer's E-mail address matti.meikälä
3homepageuriString, max 800...1Customer www-address
3isactiveInteger0...10 or 1, indicates whether customer is active 1
3isprivatecustomerInteger0...10 or 1, indicates whether customer is a Private Customer 1
3emailinvoicingaddressString, max 5000...1Valid e-mail invoice address. Can be given as a list, separated with ;. matti.meikälä
3finvoiceaddressString 1E-Invoice address FI109700021497
3finvoiceroutercodeString1E-invoice operator, see valid values from list aboveNDEAFIHH
3deliverynameString, max 2500...1Recipient of the deliveryMatti Meikäläinen
3deliverystreetaddressString, max 800...1Street address Pajukuja 1
3deliverycityString, max 800...1Post office Lappeenranta
3deliverypostnumberString, max 500...1Post number 53100
3deliverycountryString0...1Country code FI
Attr.typeString 0...1Always ISO-3166ISO-3166
3contactpersonString, max 800...1Contact person's name Matti Meikäläinen
3contactpersonemailString, max 2000...1Contact person's E-mail
3contactpersonphoneString, max 80 0...1Contact person's phone number 040 123 4567
3commentString, max 25000...1Comment for the customer register  
3customeragreementidentifierString, max 350...1Contract ID 
3customerreferencenumberString 0...1standard reference 

useorderreferencenumberInteger0...1Use order reference number for invoicing
1=on 0=off

3InvoicinglanguageString 0...1Invoice language: FI, EN or SE. If the element is not given by message, the default language is FinnishFI
Attr.typeString 0...1Always ISO-3166ISO-3166
3invoiceprintchannelformatInteger0...1Invoice print channel format
1= Invoice+bank transfer
Attr.typeString 1Always netvisornetvisor
3yourdefaultreferenceString, max 2000...1Your default reference 
3defaulttextbeforeinvoicelinesString, max 5000...1Default text before invoice rows 
3defaulttextafterinvoicelinesString, max 5000...1Default text after invoice rows 
3defaultpaymenttermString0...1Customer default payment term14 days net
Attr.typeString1netvisor (ID) or customer (name)customer
3defaultsecondnameString0...1Default second nameSecond name
Attr.typeString1netvisor (ID) or
customer (name)
Integer0...1Penalty interest, value can be between 0-100

If given as a decimal number, the decimal separator should be a comma.
3balancelimitInteger0...1Customer balance limit
String0...1Automatic rule for remindersPrivate customers
typeString1netvisor (ID) or customer (name)customer
Factoring account1
Attr.typeString1netvisor (ID) or customer (name)netvisor
Customer tax handling type, valid values are countrygroup, forcedomestic, notaxhandling and domesticconstructionservice    
0...1E-invoice that complies w/ EU standard. 1= Yes, 0 = No.
4salespersonidString 0...1Default salesperson's id  
Attr.typeString 1Always netvisornetvisor


4dimensionnameString1Default dimension header name. Created if needed.Project
4dimensionitemString1Dimension name. Created if needed.Project 1

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