To be able to use Web Service Interface, company's Netvisor user needs to create API identifiers. These identifiers  are used in Software System Interations and also when importing sales invoices in Finvoice-xml. For Smart Excel tables the user needs to create own Excel identifiers.

API identifiers

API identifiers are always personal and user can create API identifiers only for himself/herself. To be able to create API identifiers the user doesn't need to have any spesific roles. The user only needs to have access right to the company and editing authorization to one function specific right in Access rights management. One user can have multiple API identifiers and the identifiers don't cause a separate charge.

The API identifiers are created as follows:

  1. Login to Netvisor and choose the company where you want to create the identifiers. Please note that the created identifiers can be seen in all companies the user has rights to.
  2. Create the identifiers by opening the company menu in Netvisor > API identifiers.
  3. Create API identifiers be clicking the button "Create new API indentifiers", please see the picture below.
  4. The new API identifier will be the first in the list. User ID and Key are updated in the integration settings / provided to the software partner

Under API identifiers are listed the API User ID's and Keys the user has created. In the picture these identifiers are blurred.

When handing over the API identifiers to software partner, it should be noted that the customer using the integration and the software partner are responsible for the data imported to Netvisor. Technically the same API identifiers can be used in multiple integrations but we recommend creating new identifiers for each integration. This enables monitoring transfers as closely as possible mainl for security reasons. The user needs to keep track of which identifiers are used for what integration.

The column "Purpose" (1) tells where the identifiers are used. "Validity" (2) tells if there is some validity for the identifier. The user can deactivate own identifiers by clicking "X" icon (3) in "Deactivate API identifier" column. After that the identifiers turn grey. Please note that once the identifiers are deactivated, they cannot be activated again.

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