Resource: dimensionitem.nv

HTTP-method: POST

Used to add new dimensions and edit existing ones.
Querystring parameters:

method1add or edit. XML determines where new dimension is added in hierarchy or which dimension to editadd
updateparentreference0...1Always true. Used only when editing dimensions, enables changing the dimension hierarchytrue


LevelElementType and lengthOccursDescriptionExample
2nameText1Header of the dimension, new dimensions are created under this
Dimension header 
2itemText1Name of the dimension
2olditemText0...1If updating existing one, give old name hereDimension
2fatheridNumeric0...1Id of the existing dimension if adding new dimension under existing dimension (hierarchy)0
2fatheritemText0...1Name of the dimensionNew Dimension 
2ishiddenBoolean0...1Is dimension hidden: True or False. True=hidden, False=visibleTrue

Notes when adding and editing dimensions:

  • Aggregates fatherid and fathername are mandatory when new dimension is added in hierarchy (under existing dimension)
  • Aggregate olditem is mandatory when editing existing dimension (no matter where in hierarchy it is)

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