Resource: purchaseinvoicepostingdata.nv

HTTP-method: POST

 The resource can be used for rejecting, verifying, or approving a purchase invoice as well as for posting. When importing, you can also edit posting lines.

When using this resource, Netvisor user rights of the owner of the used api user keys are checked. This user needs rights to post/verify/approve purchase invoices.

The purchase invoice that you want to verify, accept, or reject must be in state 'open'. The row data are the same as in importing purchase invoice (purchaseinvoice.nv), the row data that is imported replaces the row data on the purchase invoice in Netvisor. Sums in row data must match the purchase invoice amount, otherwise import will end up to error.

A purchase invoice can be posted without changing invoice status when element IsReadyForAccounting is given with value 1 and leaving out the Status element  Depending on the status of the purchase invoice, either this pre-posts or posts the invoice, such as in the Netvisor user interface.

LevelElementType and lengthOccursDescriptionExample
2PurchaseInvoiceNetvisorKeyNumeric1Netvisor ID of purchase invoice 31646 
2StatusString1Purchase invoice status, in that order they can be given:
contentsupervisorrejected (hylätty asiatarkastuksessa)
approved (asiatarkastettu)
acceptrrejected (hylätty hyväksynnässä)
accepted (hyväksytty)

Invoice status cannot be update to a previous state
2EventDateDate0...1Event date2019-01-15
Attr.formatString1Event date format, always ansiansi
2IsReadyForAccountingNumeric1If value 1 is given Netvisor will generate voucher automatically. If value is not given posting will be done manually in Netvisor.1
2CommentString, max 30000...1Purchase invoice comment, shown in the purchase invoice handling history Example comment 
4purchaseinvoicelinenetvisorkeyNumeric0...1Purchase invoice row NetvisorID12345
4ProductCodeString0...1Product code123
4ProductNameStringProduct name
Can be left out by giving but it will overwrite the possible existing text in Netvisor.
Example product
4OrderedAmountNumeric0...1 Number of ordered products 
4DeliveredAmountNumericNumber of delivered products 
4UnitNameString0...1 Unit of measurekpl
4UnitPriceNumericUnit price 
4DiscountPercentageNumeric0...1 Discount percentage 
4VatPercentNumericVAT percent 24
Attr.vatcodeString1VAT code. VAT-classes ja -codes are listed here. KOMY
4LineSumNumeric1Will be rounded to two decimals 
AtypeString1Only gross (brutto)gross
4SortNumeric 0...1Row running number1
4AccountingSuggestionNumeric0...1Accounting suggestion
If not given, default accounts in Netvisor will be used
5DimensionNameString, max 2001Dimension header 
5DimensionItemString, max 2001Dimension name 

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