Resource: invalidatevouchers.nv

HTTP-metodi: POST

This resource is used to invalidate vouchers in Netvisor by utilizing Netvisorkey. The Netvisorkey of the voucher can be retrieved using resource accountingledger.nv. It is possible to add comment with the request, which is shown in processing history in Netvisor. Note that a maximum of 100 vouchers can be invalidated with a single request.

The data to be imported must be included in the request as an XML with the following structure:

Element nameType and lengthOccursDescriptionExample


Attr.identifierString1Linkin data type, always 'netvisorkey'netvisorkey
3commentString max 2550...1Free text, comment is seen in voucher's processing history in Netvisor
The reason of the invalidation is...
3invalidatevoucherNumeric1...100Netvisorkey of the voucher to be invalidated123

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