Basic functions of the table
Voucher basic information
Voucher line information
Sending the vouchers
Account number transformation tool


With Accounting material Smart Excel table you can import accounting vouchers to Netvisor. This table is meant to be used in situations which require e.g importing vouchers that include taxcodes or dimensions. The table also includes a tool for transforming account numbers if the existing account list doesn't match with the one in Netvisor. The basic principle is that first you either copy or fill voucher information to the table, then you check the data, import the data, and double check it on Netvisor (Financials - Bookkeeping - Voucher listing). Before you begin using Smart Excel Accounting material import table, please read carefully the general instructions of Smart Excel Tables and do the instructed preparations. Accounting material Smart Excel table requires that the accounting.nv integration resource is enabled in Netvisor. You can manage these rights from Rights of the interface resources -page. You can find the needed integration by typing "Netvisor Kirjanpitotietojen Excel -tuonti" to the Finished integrations search bar.

Basic functions of the table

Accounting material Smart Excel table consists of two parts: Vocuher basic information ("Tositteen perustiedot", section 1) and Voucher line information ("Tositerivin tiedot", section 2). The mandatory fields have been marked with a red star (*). The change of the voucher has been color coded into the form to make it easier to read.

Voucher basic information

Voucher change is done when one or many of the voucher basic informations has changed (Voucher date, number, class, or taxcode). The vouchers basic information can be inserted either to the first line of the voucher or on every line separately. In this case however, the basic information needs to be identical on every line.

You can find the Finnish translations and the "voucher basic information" descriptions in the table below.

FieldTranslationAdditional InformationExample
TositenumeroVoucher numberNot a mandatory information. Netvisor will generate automatically next free voucher number if not given. Max. lenght 9 numbers.12345
Tositteen päiväysVoucher DateNot a mandatory information. Current date is used, if not given.1.2.2016
TositelajiVoucher ClassNot a mandatory information. If not given, the voucher will receive a deafult value "salesinvoice". This information can be either inserted as an acronym or by the full name.
Netvisor has the following vouchertypes as a deafult.

- Myyntilasku (ML)
- Myyntisuoritus (MS)
- Pankki (PT)
- Kassa (KT)
- Tuodut tapahtumat (PUMP)
- Automaattiset tilinpäätöskirjaukset (T)
- Järjestelmän muodostamat (AT)
- Muut (MU)
- Ostolasku (OL)
- Ostosuoritus (OS)
- Jaksotukset (JK)

HOX! User can also generate new voucher classes in Netvisor, but these can not be given as an acronym
ML tai

ALV-peruste (netto/brutto)VAT base (gross/net)Not a mandatory information. Default value is "net"brutto

If the wanted outcome is that VAT- bookings are generated automatically during the import, the voucher needs to have "gross" as VAT base.

Voucher line information

The following values are mandatory on the voucher line information fields: Account number (Tilinumero), Line sum (Rivisumma), and VAT-percentage (ALV-prosentti).

From the table below, you can find the finnish translation and the "voucher line information" descriptions.

FieldTranslationAdditional InformationExample
TilinumeroAccount numberMandatory information. Account number (must exist in Netvisor)3000
RivisummaLine sumMandatory information. Line sum without currency sign. Debet as a positive entry, credit a negative.-50,25
ALV-tunnusVAT-codeNot a mandatory information. VAT-code must exist in Netvisor if value is given. If the value is not given, this information is fetched behind the account numbers tax handling type. VAT-code must be alligned with the VAT- percentage. Allowed VAT-codes can be found from the table below.KOMY
ALV-prosenttiVAT-percentageMandatory information. ALV-percentage must exist in Netvisor.24
SeliteDescriptionNot a mandatory information. Free description for the voucher line. Max char. 200Free text description
Kohdeotsikko 1-5Dimension 1-5Not a mandatory information. When dimensions are imported the dimension name is given at the first row of the column. Dimension items are then given per voucher line. If the dimension is not found in Netvisor, it will be automatically generated.Project 123
SeurantakohdeAccount dimensionNot a mandatory information. Account dimension must exist in Netvisor.Tilikauden lisäykset

Allowed VAT-classes:

VAT identificationVAT-codeVAT precent
No VAT processingNONE0
Domestic salesKOMY0, 10, 14, 24
EU salesEUMY0
Sales outside the EUEUUM0
Domestic purchaseKOOS0, 10, 14, 24
EU purchaseEUOS0, 10, 14, 24
EU service purchaseEUPO0, 10, 14, 24
Non - EU purchasesEUUO0, 10, 14, 24
100% deductible tax1000
312 EU service salesEUPM3120
309 EU service salesEUPM3090, 10, 14, 24
Other turnover excluding VAT (310)MUUL0, 10, 14, 24
Purchases of goods from other EU countries, non-deductibleEVTO0, 10, 14, 24
Purchases of services from other EU countries, non-deductibleEVPO0, 10, 14, 24
Non-deductible reverse chargeEVKV0, 10, 14, 24
Reverse chargeKAVE0, 10, 14, 24
Sale of construction servicesRAMY0
Purchase of construction serviceRAOS0, 10, 14, 24
Non-deductible purchase of construction serviceEVRO0, 10, 14, 24
Non-EU imports VATMAAL0, 10, 14, 24
Non-EU imports are not eligible for VAT deductionEVMA0, 10, 14, 24
Domestic salesKOMY00

Sending the vouchers

After all the voucher information has been filled, you can import the data by clicking "Lähetä tositteet" -button. If the account numbers in the import material do not match with the ones in Netvisor these numbers must be changed. See seperate instructions below.

The Excel table will show successful and failed transfers after the import. Successfully transferred vouchers are shown in green and the lines are locked in order to prevent duplicates. Failed transfers are shown in red and the field "Lähetyksen tila" (transfer status) shows the error code. You can edit these voucher lines and retry the import. These errors are normally related to missing of mandatory information, or account numbers from Netvisor. One possible reason is also invalid data type.

After the import the successfully transferred vouchers can also be removed from the table by clicking "Tyhjennä OK siirrot"-button. You can also remove the failed transfers by clicking "Tyhjennä virheelliset siirrot" button.

Account number transformation tool

You can find the account number transformation tool from the "Korvaa tilinumeroita -asetukset" -tab. First you add the account number from the external system to the "Korvattava tilinumero" -field and the corresponding account number from Netvisor to the "Korvaava tilinumero" - field. After the values have been added to both columns, you can press "Muunna tilinumerot" -button. Before the import, you should check the data once more.

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