Own user settings can be modified via user's name shown up in the view. To change your email and phone number press "User settings".

From the same menu you can change language. The options are Finnish, English and Swedish. Chosen language setting will be default in future.

Basic data

The email address added in the system communication section will be used for example to purchase invoice notifications and failure notices.  System communication's default channel must be email in order to receive them.

Netvisor ID

Netvisor ID is a mobile application that provides you safe and easy way to identify and login to Netvisor. Identification happens by device's recognition system for example fingerprint or by PIN code. The application is an alternate option for using a bank ID or Mobile ID. For more information regarding Netvisor ID follow the link.

Timing settings

From this tab you can set when the system will send notifications about purchase invoices.


Communications settings

From this tab you can choose which type of messages you want to receive from purchase invoicing. In order to receive messages regarding cases in purchase invoicing you must have granted user rights. For further information follow this link (instruction only available in Finnish at the moment).

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