If user has user rights in Accounts receivable and accounts payable rights, can he or she verify and approve invoices. Persons who has these rights can check invoices, that those contains correct data. 

First box allow verify invoices and second to approve them. Remember to press the "Update data" -button on the bottom of the screen so that data is saved. 

If you have both these rights and you open the invoice, you can directly approve the invoice. 

Verify and approve one invoice at the time

Purchases > Open purchase invoices

This screen shows open invoices, which you have rights to see. It is possible to create the user rights so that certain users can only see invoices belongs to them.

Invoice's additional information: You can add comment on the invoice. This field is only shown internally. 

Editing the invoice

You can edit the invoice by pressing the Edit -button. This is possible if:

  • You can approve the invoice or you are specified approver of this invoice
  • You can verify the invoice or you are specified verifier of this invoice
  • If invoice is e-invoice, only user who has bookkeeper role can edit the invoice 
  • If invoice is created manually, only creator can edit the invoice or user who has bookkeeper -role.

Changing the bank account

It is possible to change the bank account if there are two or more bank accounts on the vendor data. There is also below rules, which needs to be fulfilled.

1. Invoice is unhandled -status and you are the creator of this invoice, or you have bookkeeper -role.

2. Invoice is handled, but it does not contain payment and you have bookkeeper -role.

If period is locked, it is not possible to change the bank account.

Verify invoice

When clicking the invoice number you can open the invoice. Then if invoice data is correct, you press the "Verify invoice" -button. Then you can also add comments on this process. Those comments are shown in right side of the screen below handling history.

Reject Invoice

If invoice is not correct and you want to reject it, you can press the down triangle -button after the "Verify invoice" -button. Then you can select "Reject Invoice". You can also add comments why you want to reject this. 

Approve Invoice

When invoice is already verified, or you have both verify and approve -rights, you can approve the invoice if invoice is correct. 

You can add comments on the invoice and the mark it as approved. If you have also right to Post invoice, you can do it this same time. If invoice is already posted, or you do not have this right, you cannot see the post invoice option. 

Add attachments

It is possible to add attachments or look already attached attachment on the invoice. These are shown right side of the screen.

Verifying and approving via open purchase invoices list 

If you go to the Purchases > Open purchase invoices, you can select multiple invoices and handle them at the same time.  Select invoices, which you want to handle and then press "Handle invoices" -button. 

Then you have arrived into invoice view- where you can verify and approve selected invoices. If you have selected multiple invoices, you can change the invoice on below selection view.

Verify and approve multiple invoices simultaneously

If you select those invoices, which you want to handle, you can approve or verify them simultaneously. There's so called upper triangle -button behind handle invoices -button where this can be done. If you have user rights, you can also change the approver or verifier. 

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