Resource: salesorderinvoicing.nv

HTTP-method: POST

This resource can be used for invoicing and/or delivering an existing sales order.

Querystring parameters:

method1deliveryonly (only delivered) tai billanddelivery (to be delivered and invoiced)
copysublines0...1Copy subtotal rows to invoice; true or false
updatemidprice0...1Update the current average price for the products on the invoice row; true or false

The following describes the imported XML message (POST):

LevelElementType and lengthOccursDescEsimerkki


4netvisorkeyString1Invoicing customer NetvisorID1031
4invoicedateDate1Order date2021-04-16
Attr.formatSting1Date format, always ansiansi
4invoicingproductlinesAggr.1Rows to be invoiced/delivered

6netvisorkeyNumeric1NetvisorID of the sales order line123
6deliverydateDate1Delivery date of the sales order line2021-04-16
Attr.formatString1Date format, always ansiansi
6deliveryamountString1Delivered amount1
Attr.ispostdeliverySting1Is post delivery; true or falsefalse
7inventoryplaceString0...1Inventory place ID321
Attr.typeString1Always netvisornetvisor

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