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In this view, you can create new product into Netvisor. 

Basic data

Code: It is possible to use product code. This is useful if you for example update prices from Excel product data import. We recommend to use individual product code.

Default Name: This is product name. This is mandatory field. If you wish to use Finnish language, then product name needs to be in Finnish. 

Default description: It is possible to add description into product. This is internal information and won't be shown into invoices.

Primary EAN code: This EAN code is only used in EDI -messages, and EAN form needs to be EAN13. EAN code is also shown if company uses sales orders. Then EAN code is shown in Dispatch Note print.

Secondary EAN code:  This secondary EAN code is only used in EDI -messages. If primary EAN code is not EAN13 form, then this secondary EAN code is used in EDI -messages. 

Saleable: If product is supposed to be used in invoicing, then it needs to be saleable. 

Stockable: Only visible if company uses stocks. If this is selected then invoices decreases product amount in stock. 

Product group: Product can belong into selected product group and you can search products by using product groups. Also you use product groups in reporting search criteria. It is possible to add new product groups, by clicking manage product groups -link.

Unit: Selected product unit. It is possible to add new units by clicking unit management -link.

VAT rate: Selected vat %. 

Price details

Purchase price: This affects stock value. This is the price when product is acquired for example from importer. If person doesn't have rights to see purchase price then there is shown * -mark on the purchase price -field.

Basic price: Price, which is used on invoices and orders. This is Net price. If Gross -field is selected then price contains VAT. 

Commission rate: If commission rate is given, then salesperson, which is selected into invoice will get commission based on the invoice value. It is also possible to see commission from sales reports (sales > reports> sales reports). Commission is shown if user has rights to see this. 

Stock data

These fields are shown if company used stock -module in Netvisor. This is included in Premium package, which can be selected from Netvisor store.

Default stock: This is product default stock, where all stock transactions are added. This can be edited manually if user creates manual stock transactions.

Balance alert: It is possible to add amount for the product. Then if product's stock is below this amount, it is possible to see the shortage in product list. 

Customs classification: This is only used if company inventory valuation method is FIFO calculation. This field is not printed on invoices or orders. It is shown on stock reports > batch-based reports > Customs report.

Country of origin: This is only used in EDI -messages. 

Kaukeva product code: Only visible if company uses EDI -messages. There needs to select the correct code from the list. List is only in Finnish. 

Weight and packaging information

Weight: Here it is possible to give net or gross weight for the product and also select the correct weight unit. 

Packaging size: Here is possible to give length cm, width cm and height cm values for the product

Volume: is calculated from the packaging size fields. 

Bookkeeping details

Here is selected which bookkeeping account this product uses. If sales is inside Finland, then domestic account is used. EU -field is used, when sales is inside EU. Outside Eu is used if sales is outside Finland or EU. Here can also select the correct stock account.

Default cost objects

If company uses cost objects (Financials > Settings > Management of cost objects) it is possible to add selected cost object into product. Then this is used automatically on new invoices, which contain this product.

To do this first needs to go into Sales > Settings > basic data and settings >basic data of sales,

There Sales invoice default cost objects selection needs to be Invoice row-specific and save the data,

Then go to Financials > Settings > Management of cost objects.

In management of cost object screen, there first needs to be done cost object title. Then cost objects can be inserted below this title. If cost object title needs to be shown in product data, then default object field needs to be Product details. After that, you can select the correct cost object into selected product. 

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