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The Billing data Smart Excel table is designed to transfer billing data from an external system to Netvisor when sales invoice data in Finvoice format is not available, or sales invoice / order data cannot be imported via software integration. 

The Billing data import table can be used to import sales orders into Netvisor with the status undelivered or delivered or sales invoices with the status unsent or open. The principle of using the table is that the invoice data is either typed or copied into the table, the data is checked before sending and after the import the data is checked again from Netvisor's sales ledger (Sales > Open sales invoices).

Before using the Billing data Smart Excel table, the preparations for use must be done. First, go through the general guidelines for Smart Excel tables, which can be found here: Smart Excel tables.

Billing data Smart Excel table requires that the web service integration resources related to billing are enabled in Netvisor. The required resources are salesinvoice.nv, customerlist.nv, productlist.nv and salespersonnellist.nv. You can manage these rights from Rights of the interface resources -page. You can find the needed integration by typing "Netvisor Laskutustietojen Excel -tuonti" to the Finished integrations search bar.

Basic functions of the table

The Billing data import table consist of two parts: "Laskun perustiedot" (Invoice basic information) and "Laskurivien tiedot" (Invoice Line Details). The required fields on the table are marked with a red star (*). Before entering data on the table, select in the "Aineistomuoto" (Data Format) section from the first drop-down menu whether to import Sales invoices (Myyntilasku) or Orders (Tilaus) into Netvisor (see figure below, item 1). From the second drop-down menu select whether to import order data in Undelivered (Toimittamaton) or Delivered (toimitettu) status or sales invoice data with Open (avoin) or Unsent (lähettämätön) status (2).

The table can be used to import both single- and multi-line orders or sales invoices into Netvisor. When importing multi-line orders or sales invoices, the invoices are separated based on the basic invoice information. Below is an example of importing a multi-line sales invoice:

Invoice basics

The table below shows translations for the "Invoice basics" (Laskun perustiedot) fields and their additional information:

FieldTranslationAdditional informationExample
LaskunumeroInvoice numberNot a compulsory information. Invoice number is generated in Netvisor if the information is not given in the form123543
Laskun päiväysInvoice dateCompulsory information. Type
AsiakaskoodiCustomer codeCompulsory infromation.  The invoice is assigned to the correct customer with customer code. The customer must be created in Netvisor before importing the invoices.123
ViitteemmeOur ReferenceNot a compulsory information. Max. 35 charactersOrder 2.3.2012
ViitteenneYour referenceNot a compulsory information. Max. 35 characters.PO: 123456
ViitenumeroReference numberNot a compulsory information. Either the standard reference specified in the customer's data is used or the reference number is automatically generated by Netvisor if the reference number is not given on the form.123453
MaksuaikaPayment term daysCompulsory information.14
AputoiminimiCompany second nameNot a compulsory information. Second name must be found in Netvisor. Alignment with the name.Second name
MyyjäSales personNot a compulsory information. Seller name must be found in Netvisor. Alignment with the name.John Doe

The basic information is entered on the first line of the invoice and the invoice line information after that. If the invoice data is copied from a file produced by another system (e.g. csv), the basic invoice data and the invoice number must be identical on each line in order to get the invoice lines for one invoice. Before sending, "Rivikäsittelyn tila" (Line Processing Status) describes how invoices and invoice lines will be generated in Netvisor.

Invoice line

The table below shows translations for the "Invoice line" (Laskurivin tiedot) fields and their additional information:

FieldTranslationAdditional informationExample
TuotekoodiProduct codeCompulsory information. Product must be found in Netvisor. Product code is used as an identifier.TP-1001
LukumääräUnit quantityCompulsory information. Unit quantity without the unit mark. Comma separated.2 or 2,5
YksikköhintaUnit priceCompulsory information. Unit price without currency mark. Comma seperated.100,25
ALV-prosenttiVAT-rateCompulsory information. Must be found in Netvisor.24
Summan tyyppi (netto/brutto)Sum type (gross/net)Not a compulsory information. Default type is gross (brutto). Use the Finnish translations netto/brutto.netto
ALV-koodiVAT-codeNot a compulsory information. Only works if given to an invoice imported in "Open" status. Must not conflict with the VAT rate. See VAT codes supported by Netvisor here in Finnish.KOMY
RiviseliteLine descriptionNot a  compulsory information. Free line caption, maximum 200 charactersInformation about the invoice line

After entering the billing information, the form can be imported into Netvisor with the "Lähetä" (Submit) button. When importing data, the form reports successful or failed billing data transfers after submission. Successful transfers are marked on the form in green, and failed transfers are marked in red. The reason for the failed submission is indicated in the "Rivikäsittelyn tila"(Line Processing Status) column.

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