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You can search sales invoices by using Invoice number, Reference number, Customer's name or BusinessID.

Search -button will list the invoices that suites the search criteria, or it lists all sales invoices when no search criteria is given.

"Expanded search"
This function can be used when searching by detailed information or different criteria combinations.
More fields can be added by using "+" and "-" buttons. This may help to find certain invoices.

"Reset default search parameters": Will reset all the criteria used in previous search.
"Clear search criteria": Will clear all the criteria used in previous search. The search criteria listed earlier will still remain available.
"Save changes": Search can be saved in order to use the same search later. When saving changes it is required to name the search. This allows you to retrieve frequently repeated Search Criteria from the invoice list.

At the picture above there has been made a Search Criteria by the name "Certain search result". This will appear next to Expanded search where it is easy to find.

Once the search criteria (for example customer's name) have been entered the following view will open:

 "View columns", "Group", "Update view" and "Return defaults" all acts the same way as in Open sales invoices -page. You can organize and group the invoices the way you want or reset to the default settings.

If you wish, you can export the search result to Excel using the "Save as Excel file" button located in the upper right corner of the page.

The "Invoice features" button allows you to process multiple invoices at a time. The "Print as invoices" function enables you to print for example an overdue invoice as the original invoice.


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