A foreign user (a person without Finnish bank ID's/mobile ID) can be invited by a person with the company's User Administrator (KH) or Accounting office’s administrator (TPK) role:

1. Go to the user's information via the following path: Company's name on the top left-hand corner > Users and roles > click on the user's name from the list. Next, click on the link "Invite using mobile application" on the left. The invitation link is active when the user's nationality is something other than Finland.

2. Click "Send invitation". The invitation is sent to the given email address and is valid for 24 hours.

Note! If the user does not receive a 6-digit verification code via text message and cannot order it himself/herself (the invited user can request a new verification code from the application max. 2 times), the person with the TPK/KH role can generate a verification code for the invited user from the invitation view from the link "Did the user not receive the invitation?".

More detailed instructions can be found here: 

Inviting a foreign user in to Netvisor (in Finnish)

Instructions for the invited user (in English)

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