Basic functions of the table
MaraPlan material tab


You can use Netvisor's Smart Excel table to import working time data. Data can be added to the table, for example, by copying or entering it manually from a csv file. The table can be used to import new and additional working hours and also to replace existing working hours.

The principle of using the table is that the working time data is either entered or copied into the table, the data is checked before sending and after the transfer the data is checked again in the Working Time section of Netvisor (Working time > Working hours recording). The table also makes it possible to import Maraplan materials into Netvisor by uploading the material to the "Mara-Plan aineisto" tab.

Before using the smart table the preparation for use must be done. Go through the general guidelines for Smart Excel tables, which can be found here: Smart Excel Tables.

The Smart Excel table for importing working time information needs the resource workday.nv in order for the table to work. You can manage access rights to interface resources from the Interface Resources Access pageYou can find the needed integration by typing "Netvisor Työaikatietojen Excel -tuonti" to the Finished integrations search bar.

Basic functions of the table

The working time information Smart Excel table consists of two parts: "Henkilötiedot" (Personal data) and "Työaikatiedot" (Working time data). The mandatory fields have been marked with a red star (*). Before entering the data into the form, select from the "Tuontikäsittely" (Import Processing) drop-down menu whether to import replacement or new data into Netvisor:

  • "Päällekkäisten korvaus" (Overlap Compensation) option replaces only those time entries whose record types are specified on the form. If there are already previous entries in Netvisor for that day and you do not want to replace these entries, this information should not be provided on the table. Work time rows can also have entries that have not yet been posted to Netvisor, work time rows are added as new entries upon import.
  • "Vain lisäys" (Add only) option imports  only new working time data. Please note that this option only adds entries, so if the data is imported to Netvisor in duplicate, there are also duplicate working time lines in Netvisor.

The table below shows the fields on the working time information import table and their additional information:

FieldTranslationAdditional informationExample
Henkilötunnus / palkansaajanumeroSocial security number / employee numberMandatory information. The employee must be established on Netvisor prior to import. The employee's number or social security number in the employee's basic information can serve as the employee's identification information. The form identifies the identification information on the basis of the material.120791-123C
PäivämääräDateMandatory information. Date for which day the working hours are being entered.1.12.2016
KirjauslajitunnusRecord type numberMandatory information. Information that links the record type to the line, so the record types must be numbered in Netvisor. Record types can be found in Netvisor's Salaries > Payroll Settings > Record Types.150
TunnitHoursMandatory information. Time and attendance information. Entered in hours or days, depending on whether 'Hour' or 'Day' is selected as the entry type unit in Netvisor.7,5
SeliteDescriptionNot a mandatory information. Free-form description, appears in the timesheet view.Free annotation
CRM TehtäväntunnisteCRM Task IDNot a mandatory information. A task identifier in the Netvisor CRM section that can be used to assign working time information to a specific task. If the CRM partition is not in use, the cells in the column should be left blank.
Laskentakohde 1-4Cost object 1-4Not a mandatory information. Cost object data that can be used to target working time data to specific cost objects. When importing cost objects, the cost object header to be used in the column is specified in the top row. The cost object to which the line is targeted is added to the document line. Target information may include so-called wildcard character, e.g., project 4114 * that matches the target data of the dimension beginning with 4114. Target information is not linked if there are more results for a given search term.Project123

After entering the working time information, the information is imported into Netvisor with the "Lähetä tuntitiedot (Send working time information) >>" button.

When importing data, the form reports successful or incorrect transfers after transfer. Successful transfers will be marked on the form in green and the rows will be locked from editing so that these rows are not accidentally resubmitted. Failed transfers are marked in red and the reason for the failed transfer is indicated in the "Lähetyksen tila" (Transmission Status) column. For these failed lines, incorrect data can be corrected and the data transferred again. The error can be caused, for example, by the fact that the form is missing some mandatory information, Netvisor is missing the entry type number or some information is in the wrong format. The data in all work time lines must be correct for the data to be successfully sent to Netvisor.

After the transfer, the user can continue to process invalid transfers by deleting successful transfers from the form with the "Tyhjennä OK siirrot" (Clear OK Transfers) button on the form, or check only successful transfers by deleting invalid transfers with the "Tyhjennä virheelliset siirrot" (Clear Incorrect Transfers) button.

MaraPlan material tab

MaraPlan material (.txt file) can be imported into the Smart Excel table by using the MaraPlan tab. To find the MaraPlan file to be imported, click the "Browse" button, select the file from the file list and press the "Open" button. Press the ">> Convert Material" button to import the material into the table. The material is transferred to the "Työaikatietojen tuonti" (Import working time data) tab of the smart trable. Please check the material before importing. Import takes place in the same way as other working time entries.

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