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HTTP-method: POST

Importing a sales payment into Netvisor.

Sales invoice must exist before payment can be connected to it. If payment has been imported before invoice, payment will not be targeted to invoice automatically. If invoice status is Paid, payment will not be targeted to invoice.

If the sales invoice, that the payment is targeted to, allows partial payments the payment is always added. If not, the payment must fit within the cash discount tolerance of the invoice.

If sales payment is imported to an unsent sales invoice, the sales invoice must accept partial payments in order for sales payment to connect to the right invoice. If sales invoice is imported using Web Service interface, the sales invoice message should have element "expectPartialPayments" and if the sales invoice is created in Netvisor, the setting can be done in Basic data of sales.

It is possible to import sales payment to a sales order as an prepayment. When sales invoice is created from the sales order, the prepayment is transferred to the sales invoice as an sales payment. If the amount of the sales payment cover the entire sales invoice, the status of the sales invoice will automatically be "Paid". Note that when the sales payment for the sales order is prepayment, the attribute "overridesalesreceivableaccountnumbermust be given in the element "paymentmethod". The account should be same as which is set in Netvisor's default prepayment account.


LevelElement nameType and lengthOccursDescriptionExample
2sumNumeric1Sale payment sum50,00
1Currency code. If not found in the system, will return INVALID_DATA and defenition. Default EUREUR
2paymentdateDate1Date of the payment2023-09-04
2targetidentifierString1Identifier that is used to connect payment to invoice123
Attr.typeString1Type of targetidentifier:
when the identifier is invoice id in Netvisor
invoicenumber when identifier is number of invoice
reference when identifier is reference number of invoice
Attr.targettypeString0...1Target of payment, invoice or orderinvoice
2sourcenameString1Name of the payment sourceEric Example
2paymentmethodString 1Payment method. Payment method name or bankaccount number have to be found from target company's Netvisor environment.pankkikortti
Attr.typeString 1Indicates paymentmethod type alternative or bankaccountalternative
Attr.overrideaccountingaccountnumberNumeric0...1Account number to override in voucher. If not found, system will return INVALID_DATA. If not provided, the account is retrieved from Netvisor from the payment method/bank account. (debet)1910
Attr.overridesalesreceivableaccountnumberNumeric0...1Voucher sales receivable account number override. If not provided, the default Netvisor account 1701 is used. (credit)1707
4linesumNumeric1Line sum50,00
Attr.typeString1Line sum type: net (VAT is not included) or gross (VAT is included)gross
4descriptionString0...1Line descriptionSales event
4accountnumberNumeric 1Accounting account number for line1701
4vatpercentNumeric 1VAT percent24
Attr.vatcodeString 1VAT code. Allowed VAT-classes are listed here.KOMY
5dimensionnameString1Name of the dimensionKäteiskauppa
5dimensionitemString1Name of the dimension item.Myynti

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