Resource: purchaseinvoicelist.nv

HTTP-method: GET

Querystring parameters:

Parameter nameOccursDescriptionExample
begininvoicedate0...1Invoice date lower limit2018-09-20
endinvoicedate0...1Invoice date upper limit2018-09-30
invoicenumber0...1Invoice number to get1001
invoicestatus0...1Invoice status: open, approved or acceptedopen
lastmodifiedstart0...1Finds invoices that are modified after given date2018-09-15
lastmodifiedend0...1Finds invoices that are modified before given date2018-09-15
purchaseinvoicebatchid0...1Finds invoices which were imported with the given batch ID. See purchase invoice batch handling123
paymentstatus0...1Finds invoices which payment status is unpaid or paid


LevelElement NameType and lengthOccursDescriptionExample
3NetvisorKeyNumeric1Invoice identifier in Netvisor123
3InvoiceNumberText1Invoice number345
3InvoiceDateDateTime1Invoice date2013-10-23
Attr.formatString1Format of InvoiceDate, Always ansiansi
3VendorString1Name of the vendorVendor Oy Ab
3VendorOrganizationIdentifierNumeric1Business ID (Y-tunnus)1234567-8
3SumNumeric1Invoice total sum100,00
3PaymentsNumeric1Invoice payments sum30,50
3OpenSumNumeric1Open sum of invoice69,50
3UriString1Url that can be used to get details of invoice/getpurchaseinvoice.nv?netvisorkey=123

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