Resource: salesinvoicelist.nv

HTTP-method: GET

This resource can be used to retrieve a list of sales invoices and orders by changing the value of the ListType parameter.

Querystring parameters:

Parameter nameOccursDescriptionExample
listtype0...1Empty value if fetching sales invoice list
preinvoice if fetching order list
invoicesabovenetvisorkey0...1Includes only invoice after given id165 
begininvoicedate0...1Includes only invoice after given date2021-01-01 
endinvoicedate0...1Includes only invoices before given date2021-12-31 
invoicenumber0...1Includes only invoice with given invoice number 
invoicestatus0...1Includes only invoice with specified status, see below what is includedopen
lastmodifiedstart0...1Finds invoices that are modified after given date2021-10-23
lastmodifiedend0...1Finds invoices that are modified before given date2021-10-24
salesinvoicebatchid0...1 Includes only invoices with given Batch ID. See the description of the Sales Invoice Batch Handling 
customercode0...1Limist the list with customer code1234567
customernetvisorkey0...1Limits the list with customer Netvisor ID11
secondname0...1Includes only invoices with company's second nameSecond Name Ltd
secondnamenetvisorkey0...1Includes only invoices with company's second name Netvisor ID2
invoicingcustomercontrycode0...1Includes only invoices with specific invoicing customer country codeDE
replyoption0...1Value 1 returns the internal comment of the invoice. Value 2 returns currency amount and open currency amount of the sales invoice/order. Value 3 returns all previously mentioned. Value 16 returns Service baskets ID and name.1

InvoiceStatus parameter can have the following values:

InvoiceStatusReturns invoices with status


LevelElement nameType and lengthOccursDescriptionExample
3NetvisorKeyNumeric 1Invoice identifier in Netvisor123
3InvoiceNumberString1Invoice number1234
3InvoiceDateDate 1Invoice date2020-11-09
Attr.formatString1Always ansiansi
3InvoiceStatusString1Status of the invoice or order. Returns sales invoice payment status.See table below.
Attr.substatusString0...1Invoice sub status. Will return status of receivables on the invoice: open, overdue, reminded, requested or collected. This attribute is not used for
Attr.isincollectionNumeric Is invoice in collection or not (Intrum/Duetto)0 or 1
3CustomerCodeString1Billed customer's code 
3CustomerNameString1Customer's name 
3ReferenceNumberString1Invoice reference number 
3InvoiceSumNumeric 1Invoice sum, two decimals12,34
3OpenSumNumeric 1Open sum, two decimals12,34
3UriString1Uri that can be used to get details of invoice or orderSee below
3AdditionalInformationAggr.0...1Added to the response if in the request have included replyoption parameter.
4PrivateCommentString1Invoice's internal additional informationprivate comment
4InvoiceCurrencySumNumeric0...1Currency sum of invoice/order1240
Attr.currencycodeString1Currency codeUSD
Attr.typeString1Type, always ISO-4217ISO-4217
4OpenCurrencySumNumeric0...1Open currency sum of invoice/order0
Attr.currencycodeString1Currency codeUSD
Attr.currencycodeString1Type, always ISO-4217ISO-4217
4ServiceCollectionString1Service basket nameTalvikausi
Attr.NetvisorkeyNumeric1Service basket ID2

Return value differences for orders and invoices:

Invoiceopen, creditloss, paid, rejected/getsalesinvoice.nv?netvisorkey=123
Orderarchived, undelivered, delivered, billed/getorder.nv?netvisorkey=123

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