Resource: product.nv

HTTP-method: POST

Note! If you are using Rackbeat inventory management in Netvisor, the API documentation can be found here:

Importing data trough the interface is not supported for extended product management.

Querystring parameters:

Parameter nameOccursDescriptionExample
method1add or editadd
id0-1Must be included if Method = Edit, defines the product to update123

If method has not been set or the product to be updated is not found with the id, an INVALID_DATA -error with further details is returned. The id for the product to be update can be obtained with the Get a Product list resource.

The data to import is sent with the request as an XML with the following structure:

LevelElement nameType and lengthOccursDescriptionExample
3productcodeString0...1Product codeCC
3productgroupString1Product is added to the group if it exist. If it doesn't, it will be createdBooks
3nameString, max 200 characters1Name of the productCode Complete
3descriptionString0...1Description of the product Second edition
3unitpriceNumeric1Price of a single unit 42,5
Attr.typeString1net or grossnet
3unitString, max 50 characters0...1Unit of measurement, existing is used if found, otherwise new one is created pc
3unitweightNumeric0...1Product unit weight with two decimals1,00
3purchasepriceNumeric0...1Purchase price of a single unit25
3tariffheadingString0...1Tariff heading of the unit Code Complete
3comissionpercentageNumeric0...1Commission percentage of the unit11
3isactiveNumeric1Is product active: 0 = no, 1 = yes 1
3issalesproductNumeric1Is this a sales product: 0 = no, 1 = yes 1
3inventoryenabledNumeric0...1Is the product in storage: 0 = no, 1 = yes 1
3inventorybatchlinkingmodeNumeric0...1Product's batch processing type. Possible values:

No batch processing = 1
Manual batch selection = 2
Newest first by delivery date = 3
Oldest first by delivery date = 4 (FIFO)
Newest first by use-by date = 5
Oldest first by yse-by date = 6
Newest first by manufacturing date = 7
Oldest first by manufacturing date = 8
3countryoforiginString0...1Country of originFI
Attr.typeString0...1Always ISO-3166ISO-3166
3primaryeancodeString0...1Product's primary EAN-code123456789012
Attr.typeString0...1Type of the EAN-code.
any, ean8, ean13, code128.
Product's secondary EAN-code
Type of the EAN-code.
any, ean8, ean13, code128.
3inventoryalertlimitNumeric0...1Product's balance alert20,50
3defaultvatpercentageNumeric1Vat class, if class is not found, an error is returned24
3defaultdomesticaccountnumberNumeric0...1Default domestic bookkeeping account number3000
3defaulteuaccountnumberNumeric0...1Default EU bookkeeping account number3360
3defaultoutsideeuaccountnumberNumeric0...1Default outside EU bookkeeping account number3380
3productnetweightNumeric0...1Net weight11,2
3productgrossweightNumeric0...1gross weight12,6
3productweightunitNumeric0...1net and gross weight unit: g, kg, tnkg>

4dimensionnameString1Default dimension header name. Created if needed.Project
4dimensionitemString1Default dimension name. Created if needed.Project 1
4packagewidthNumeric1Package width in centimeters7,3
4packageheightNumeric1Package height in centimeters15,0
4packagelengthNumeric1Package length in centimeters36,1

4productcustomtagAggr.1...nProduct additional information field
5tagnameString1Field nameDate field
5tagvalueString1Field value2022-01-01
Attr.datatypeString1Field type. date, text, decimal or enumdate

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