Product managing functions are divided into following:

Get product listGETproductlist.nv Download
Get product detailsGETgetproduct.nv Download
Import product detailsPOSTproduct.nvproduct.dtdDownload
Get a structural product listGETwebshopproductlist.nv Download
Get structural product imagesGETwebshopproductimages.nv Download
Get inventory by warehouseGETinventorybywarehouse.nv Download
Import warehouse eventPOSTwarehouseevent.nvwarehouseevent.dtdDownload

Get product list

Resource: productlist.nv

List of products from Netvisor can be retrieved as described below. List contains basic information of each product. Details of each product can be retrieved one by one by using Get product details request.

Querystring parameters:

Parameter nameOccursDescriptionExample
changedsince0...1Filters result to contain only products having change after given time, time in format yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss2012-01-01 12:00:00
keyword0...1Filters result to products that include given text / value in product name or product code   1,2,3,4
You can use one or many parameters simultaneously in our request.
published0...1Value 1 if published products are wanted in the response and 0 if not.1
unpublished0...1Value 1 if unpublished products are wanted in the response and 0 if not.1
deleted0...1Value 1 if deleproducts are wanted in the response and 0 if not.0


LevelElement nameType and lengthOccursDescriptionExample
3NetvisorKeyNumeric1Product identifier in Netvisor123
3ProductCodeText1Code of the productA54
3NameText1Name of the productThe product
3UnitPriceNumeric1Unit net price of product, 12 decimal1,960000000000
3UnitGrossPriceNumeric1Unit gross price of product, 12 decimal2,430400000000
3ProductGroupIDNumeric1Product group ID. Can be empty.2
3ProductGroupDescriptionText1Product group, whole hierarchy. Can be empty.Books / Science fiction books
3UriText1URI which can be used to retrieve details of the product/getproduct.nv?id=123

Get Product details

Resource: getproduct.nv

Before retrieving product information, a list of products must be requested to pick the identifier of the wanted product. Specific product information of one product can be retrieved with the Netvisor key. Using parameters idlist or codelist, specific product information of max 400 products can be retreived.

Querystring parameters:

Parameter nameOccursDescriptionExample
id0...1Netvisor key of the wanted product123
idlist0...1Can be used to get the details of several products with given ID. Max. 400 identifiers.1,2,3
eancode0...1EAN-code of the wanted product123456789012
code0...1Product code of the wanted product123
codelist0...1Returns full information of all the wanted products using product code as the identifier1,2,product
showsubproducts0...1If 1, returns all the sub products as well1


LevelElement nameType and lengthOccursDescriptionExample
3NetvisorKeyNumeric1Netvisor key of the product 
3ProductCodeText1Product code CC
3ProductGroupText1Product group's name Books
3NameText1Product's name Code Complete 
3DescriptionText1Description Second edition 
3UnitPriceNumeric1Net price of a single unit 42,5
Attr.typeText1Always netnet
3UnitGrossPriceNumeric1Gross price of a single unit52,7
Attr.typeText1Always grossgross
3UnitText1Unit of measurementpc
3UnitWeightNumeric1Weight of a single unit.
NB element is expired, please use element ProductNetWeight instead
3PurchasePriceNumeric1Purchase price of a single unit 25
3TariffHeadingText1Tariff headingCode Complete 
3ComissionPercentageNumeric1Commission 11
3IsActiveNumeric1Is product active: 0 = no, 1 = yes1
3IsSalesProductNumeric1Is this a sales product: 0 = no, 1 = yes0
3countryoforiginText1Country of originFI
Attr.typeText1Always ISO-3166ISO-3166
3DefaultVatPercentNumeric1VAT rate24
3DefaultDomesticAccountNumberNumeric1Domestic account number by default 
3DefaultEuAccountNumberNumeric1EU area account number by default 
3DefaultOutsideEuAccountNumberNumeric 1International account number by default  


5DimensionNameText1Name of the dimensionAnimals

5DimensionItemText1Name of the dimension itemDogs

3InventoryAmountNumeric1Amount in storage 2,00
3InventoryMidPriceNumeric1Average price 5,00
3InventoryValueNumeric1Inventory value: amount in storage * average price 10,0000
3InventoryReservedAmountNumeric1Amount reserved 1,00
3InventoryOrderedAmountNumeric1Amount ordered 0,00
3InventoryAccountNumberNumeric1Storage account1521
3ProductNetWeightNumeric1Net weight11,20
Attr.weightunitText1Unit of net weight: g, kg or tkg
3ProductGrossWeightNumeric1Gross weight12,60
Attr.weightunitText1Unit of gross weight: g, kg or tkg
4PackageWidthNumeric1Package width in centimeters7,30
Attr.unitText1Package width unitcm
4PackageHeightNumeric1Package height in centimeters15,00
Attr.unitText1Package height unitcm
4PackageLengthNumeric1Package lenght in centimeters36,10
Attr.unitText1Package lenght unitcm
3PrimaryEanCodeNumeric1Primary EAN code of the product123456789012
3SecondaryEanCodeNumeric1Secondary EAN code of the product555444332221

3ParentsAggr.1Parent products

5NetvisorkeyNumeric1Netvisor key of the parent product748
5AmountNumeric1Amount of product1
5PurchasePriceChangeNumeric1Purchase price change5,50
5UnitPriceChangeNumeric1Unit price change5,50
3ChildrenAggr.1Sub products

5NetvisorkeyNumeric1Netvisor key of the subproduct789
5AmountNumeric1Amount of products1
5PurchasePriceChangeNumeric1Purchase price change5,50
5UnitPriceChangeNumeric1Unit price change5,50

Import product details

Resource: product.nv

Importing data trough the interface is not supported for extended product management.

Querystring parameters:

Parameter nameOccursDescriptionExample
method1Add or EditAdd
id0-1Must be included if Method = Edit, defines the product to update123

If method has not been set or the product to be updated is not found with the id, an INVALID_DATA -error with further details is returned. The id for the product to be update can be obtained with the Get a Product list resource.

The data to import is sent with the request as an XML with the following structure:

LevelElement nameType and lengthOccursDescriptionExample
3productcodeText0...1Product codeCC
3productgroupText1Product is added to the group if it exist. If it doesn't, it will be createdBooks
3nameText1Name of the productCode Complete
3descriptionText0...1Description of the product Second edition
3unitpriceNumeric1Price of a single unit 42,5
Attr.typeText1net or grossnet
3unitText0...1Unit of measurement, existing is used if found, otherwise new one is created pc
3purchasepriceNumeric0...1Purchase price of a single unit25
3tariffheadingText0...1Tariff heading of the unit Code Complete
3comissionpercentageNumeric0...1Commission percentage of the unit11
3isactiveNumeric1Is product active: 0 = no, 1 = yes 1
3issalesproductNumeric1Is this a sales product: 0 = no, 1 = yes 1
3inventoryenabledNumeric0...1Is the product in storage: 0 = no, 1 = yes 1
3countryoforiginText0...1Country of originFI
Attr.typeText0...1Always ISO-3166ISO-3166
3defaultvatpercentageNumeric1Vat class, if class is not found, an error is returned24
3defaultdomesticaccountnumberNumeric0...1Default domestic bookkeeping account number3000
3defaulteuaccountnumberNumeric0...1Default EU bookkeeping account number3360
3defaultoutsideeuaccountnumberNumeric0...1Default outside EU bookkeeping account number3380
3productnetweightNumeric0...1Net weight11,2
3productgrossweightNumeric0...1gross weight12,6
3productweightunitNumeric0...1net and gross weight unit: g, kg, tnkg>
4packagewidthNumeric1Package width in centimeters7,3
4packageheightNumeric1Package height in centimeters15,0
4packagelengthNumeric1Package length in centimeters36,1

4dimensionnameText1Default dimension header name. Created if needed. Project
4dimensionitemText1Defauld dimension name. Created if needed.Project 1

Get structural product list

Resource: webshopproductlist.nv

Used to retrieve a structural list of products. This resource can only be used if extended product management is in use. List contains information of products like name and description in different languages, and information on the variants of the product.

Querystring parameters:

Parameter nameOccursDescriptionExample
limitDeleted0...1When defined, only active main products are included in result1
limitActive0...1When defined, only active products are included in result1
limitPublished0...1When defined, only published products are included in result1
limitSellable0...1When defined, only sellable products are included in result1
0...1When defined, only products edited since given time are included in result. Time format yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss2016-01-28T12:00:00
limitSourceProductNetvisorKey0...1Limits result by given source product key in Netvisor154


LevelElement NameType and lengthOccursDescriptionExample
3NetvisorKeyNumeric1Product identifier in Netvisor145
3NameText1...3Name of the productThe Product
Attr.languageText Language of the name: FI, EN or SEFI
3DescriptionText1...3Description of the productthis is a product
Attr.languageText Language of the description: FI, EN or SEFI
3ProductCodeText1Product codeA123
4NameText1...3Name of the product groupGroup 1
Attr.languageText Language of the product group name: FI, EN or SEFI
3UnitNetPriceNumeric 1Price of a single unit 12,00
3UnitGrossPriceNumeric1Gross price of the unit14,64
3UnitText1Unit of measurement pc
3UnitWeightNumeric1Weight of a single unit 1,50
3ImageURIText1URI for an image for the product /webshopproductimages.nv?
3URIText 1Uri for retrieving full product information/getproduct.nv?id=165
3InventoryAmountNumeric1Amount of unit in inventory 30,00
3InventoryOrderedAmountNumeric1Amount of ordered units1,00
3InventoryReservedAmountNumeric1Amount of reserved units 5,00
3IsActiveNumeric1Is the product active:
0 = no, 1 = yes
 3IsSalesProductNumeric1Is this a sales product:
0 = no, 1 = yes 
3IsStorageProductNumeric1Is this product in storage:
0 = no, 1 = yes
3DefaultVatPercentageNumeric1VAT rate24
3IsPublishedNumeric1Has the product been published:
0 = no, 1 = yes
3VersionNumberNumeric1Version number of the product  
3PrimaryEANCodeNumeric1 978020137962
3SecondaryEANCodeNumeric1 978020137963
5DescriptionText1Description of the price groupCA1
5ValueNumeric1Value of the price group1,5
Attr.typeText1Type of value, multiplier or fixedmultiplier
5NameText1...3Name of the variantShirt, Red
Attr.languageText1Language of variant name: FI, EN or SEFI
5DescriptionText1...3Description of variantA red shirt
Attr.languageText1Language of variant description: FI, EN or SEFI
5VariantIdentifierText1Identifier of the product variant in NetvisorABC002
5ImageUriText1Uri of the product variant image/webshopproductimages.nv?
5LastchangeDateDate1Timestamp when the product variant is modified30.1.2014 10:12:06
5UnitNetPriceNumeric1Net price of the product variant12,00
5UnitGrossPriceNumeric1Gross price of the product variant14,62
5InventoryAmountNumeric1Amount of variants in inventory 35,00
5InventoryOrderedAmountNumeric 1Amount of variants ordered 12,00
5InventoryReservedAmountNumeric 1Amount of variants ordered 1,00
5PrimaryEANCodeNumeric1 978020137962
5SecondaryEANCodeNumeric1 978020137963
7DescriptionText1Description of the variant's price group 
7ValueNumeric1Value of the price group 
Attr.typeText1Type of value, multipliermultiplier
6VariantPropertyText1Product attribute
6VariantPropertyValueText1Product attribute value
3CustomTagAggr.0...nProduct additional information field
4CustomTagNameText1Field name
Additional information
4CustomTagValueText1Field value
Field 1

Get structural product images

Resource: webshopproductimages.nv

Will get products first picture. If product has variants, recourse will return all pictures of variant.

Querystring parameters:

Parameter nameOccursDescriptionExample
identifier1Identifier of product which images to get123


LevelElement NameType and lengthOccursDescriptionExample
3MimeTypeText1Image MIME typeimage/jpg
3TitleText1Title of the imageImage
3FileNameText1File name of the imageimage.jpg
3DocumentDataBase641Image data in Base64 encoded string 

Get inventory by warehouse

Resource: inventorybywarehouse.nv

This resource allows retrieving product inventory for each warehouse. If detailed information about a product is needed, they can be retrieved with Get product details.

Querystring parameters:

productid0...1Filter search with productid (Netvisor key)123
productidlist0...1Filter search with several product id's (Netvisor key), separated with comma123,456,789
inventoryplaceid0...1Filter with inventory ID
inventoryplacename0...1Filter with inventory namewarehouse 5
limitvendorid0..1Filter with vendor's ID
changedsince0...1Filter to changes since the time given1.5.2014 12:00:00
limitunderalertlimit0...11 = return only products under alert limit1
productgroupname0...1Limit search to given product groupexample group

Example query:
(retrieve products under alert limit from inventory with id 321)


LevelElement nameType and lengthOccursDescriptionExample
3NetvisorKeyNumeric1Product's ID in the database, can be used to retrieve full product information or to link the product to an invoice165
3NameText1Product nameTest product
3CodeText1Product's codeTT
3GroupNameText1Productgroupcampaign products
3ProductUriText1URI for retrieving full product information/getproduct.nv?id=165
4NetvisorKeyNumeric1Warehouse's ID
4NameText1Warehouse's nameMain warehouse
4ReservedAmountNumeric1Amount reserved from this warehouse10,00
4OrderedAmountNumeric1Amount ordered to this warehouse15,00
4InventoryAmountNumeric1Amount of product in this warehouse34,00
3TotalReservedAmountNumeric1Amount of reserved from all warehouses524,00
3TotalOrderedAmountNumeric1Amount ordered from all warehouses125,00
3TotalAmountNumeric1Amount of product in all warehouses647,00

Import warehouse event

Resource: warehouseevent.nv

This resource allows importing a single warehouse event into Netvisor.

The data to import is included in the query as an XML with following structure:

2descriptionText0...1Description of the eventTest event
2referenceText1Reference number of the event1070
2deliverymethodText0...1Method of delivery, delivery methods are controlled in Netvisor, imported line must match with one in NetvisorPick up
2distributerText0...1ID or name of the distributor110
Attr.typeText0...1Attribute type:
- netvisor = NetvisorKey of the distributor
- customer = Name of the distributor
4eventtypeText1Type of the warehouse event, warehouse events are controlled in Netvisor, imported line must match with one in NetvisorSale
Attr.typeText0...1Type of the event, for now, always "customer"customer
4productText1Id of the product, netvisor-key or product code32154
Attr.typeText0...1Type of product id, "netvisor" or "customer"netvisor
4inventoryplaceText0...1Name of the warehouse, warehouses are controlled in Netvisor, imported line must match with one in NetvisorMain warehouse
4descriptionText0...1Description of the warehouse event line 
4quantityNumeric1Amount of products12
4unitpriceNumeric1Price of a single unit, always imported as net price100,00
4valuedateDate1Date of the warehouse event.2014-05-13
Attr.formatText1Always ansiansi
4statusText1Status of the warehouse eventopen


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