I paid the bill twice, what do I do?

The overperformance on the invoice is automatically allocated to future Netvisor service invoices. This does not cause you to take action.

What will I be billed for?

You can view a summary of the charging criteria in the section Netvisor service billing>Charging basis

You can also use the Search function to search for additional information about the functionality of the Netvisor service here. 

When will the turnover category be updated?

In relation to updating the turnover category, in accordance with our contract terms (4 Customer's rights and responsibilities), Customer-specific turnover categories are reviewed annually after the confirmation of the financial statements, and changes to the charges are made as soon as Visma has received information about the new confirmed Customer's turnover. Reporting turnover is the customer's responsibility.

How can I change the service package?

You can easily change the package through the Netvisor Store. Instructions for this can be found here. 

How do I cancel the Netvisor service?

The Netvisor service contract must be terminated from the page that opens from the Service management button in the Netvisor Store (upper right corner). Terminating the Netvisor service agreement button sends a termination request to Visma Solutions Oy and the request is processed manually. The shutdown request can be made with user administrator rights. You can read more about termination and its steps here: Termination of Netvisor service. 

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