Resource: addjobperiod.nv

HTTP-method: POST

With this resource it is possible to add new job periods to an employee.

employeeidentifier1Employee's netvisorkey12


LevelElement name
Type and lengthOccursDescriptionExample

Aggr.1Employment periods
2employmentperiodAggr.1..nEmploymen period
3companystartdateDate0..1Company start date2022-01-01
Attr.formatString1Date formatansi
3startdateDate1Start date2022-01-01
Attr.formatString1Date formatansi
3probationenddateDate0..1End date of probation2022-04-01
Attr.formatString1Date formatansi
3employmentmodeNumerical0..1Mode of employment1 = employed
2 = leased employee
3 = self-employed person or similar
4 = trainee
5 = voluntary work
Attr.typeString1Linking type of employmentalways netvisor
3professionString, max 2501Professional titleSpecialist
3commentString, max 5000..1CommentKnows what she's doing
3enddateDate0..1End date2022-12-31
Attr.formatString1Date formatansi
3endreasonNumerical0..1End reason2=retirement
4=Employee's own request
5=Reason attributable to the employee
6=Fixed-term employment
11=Financial and production related grounds for termination
12=End of employment by mutual agreement
13=Other reason
The following are not in use anymore:
1 = Normal ending of employment
3 = Employee's death
7 = Probation period
8 = Cancellation of the employment
9 = Bankruptcy of the company
10 = Change of ownership of the company)
Attr.typeString1Linking typealways netvisor
3occupationclassificationString0..1Occupation classOccupation class TK10-code
Attr.typeString1Linking typealways isco
3employmentcontractNumerical0..1Duration of employment1 = Permanent
2 = Temporary
Note: a temporary job period must be given an end date
Attr.typeString1Linking typealways netvisor
3employmentformNumerical0..1Form of employment1 = Full-time
2 = Part-time
Attr.typeString1Linking typealways netvisor
3parttimepercentNumerical0..1Part-time percentDecimal number from 0 to 100
Note: employmentform must be 2, in order for this to be recognized
Rounded to the nearest two decimals
3regularworkinghoursNumerical0..1Regular working hoursDecimal number from 0 to 168
Rounded to the nearest two decimals
3groundsforemploymentNumerical0..1Grounds for employment0=Other grounds
1=Working or employment relationship
3kevaprofessionalclasscodeNumerical0..1Keva professional class code, max 20 characters
This code can only be given, if KEVA is chosen as the company's work pension provider in Netvisor
Professional class codes
3kevaemploymentregistrationNumerical0..1Keva employment registration, max length 2
Keva: Income register's codes
Attr.typeString1Always kevakeva
Attr.pensionprovidercodeNumerical0..1Pension provider code. If not given, default value "20" will be used
Defines what values are accepted in the element kevaemploymentregistration

Keva: Incomes register codes
3ispaymenttypemonthlywageNumerical0..1Form of payment: Monthly salary1=yes
3ispaymenttypehourlywageNumerical0..1Form of payment: Hourly wages1=yes
3ispaymenttypepiecewageNumerical0..1Form of payment: Contract pay1=yes
3collectiveagreementNumerical0..1Collective agreementIncome register: Codes
Attr.typeString1always cbacodecbacode
3stateemploymentfundNumerical0..1Employed with assistance from the State employment fund1=yes
3carbenefityearNumerical0..1Year of commissioning of the company car, max 4 characters2022
3isabroadcarbenefitNumerical0..1Company car benefit received in another country1=yes

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