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We develop Netvisor mobile application. It´s primary users are entrepreneurs and employees. It allows employees to register hours and create travel expense reports with just a few clicks, regardless of time and place. The employee is also able to see their own annual leave, flexitime, payslips and tax card status.

Bring the mobile app into use for your customers with the help of these brochures below. 

PDF for companies

PDF for accounting offices

Download the app from the app store (Google Play or App Store) by searching for “Netvisor”. The app is not available for Huawei phones that don´t have Google Play app store. 

We would like to get feedback from our customers. It can be given in the app. Please tell us what do you think of the app at the moment. What are the tasks you would like to do with the Netvisor app and tell us if you have any wishes to help us make the app better.

Trial mode

You can access trial mode from the app's login page. You can familiarize your customers with the Netvisor mobile app’s functions in trial mode. 

This allows you to showcase the various features of the app without displaying your personal or business information.

The trial mode includes information of three different companies. To switch the company swipe sideways from the header of the view. If you want to stop using the trial mode click "Kirjaudu ulos". If you already have the app in actual use and you want to access trial mode log out first and then click "Forget me".

Create travel expense reports

To add a new travel expense report select "New travel expense". Enter a subject and a description and click "Add row". Choose the type of the new travel expense:

Expense type

Select an expense type in the dropdown menu. Enter amount, unit price and date. Select VAT %. Cost objects can be selected in additional options.

Kilometer allowance

Select a kilometer allowance type in the dropdown menu. Enter amount, passengers, date and route. Cost objects can be selected in additional options.

Daily allowance (calculator)

Enter required information and follow the instructions on the view. 

Foreign daily allowance

Foreign daily allowance can be reported in the app manually.

Acceptance of working hours

All added expenses are automatically saved as acknowledged and they can be approved right away.

Registration of working hours

This mobile application replaces the Netvisor Safety links. All employees are able to download this app into use and it is not required to add users to Netvisor Users and roles listing.  Remember to check persons´ service selections and activate necessary services to employees via employee´s information:

The application can be used within three hours from the activation of the services. In case the employee is both listed in the employee listing and an actual user in the Users and roles listing make sure the payroll profile is "Palkansaaja" at a minimum.

There are two different methods of working hours recording. You can register by hours or by time. This setting can be adjusted in Salary model management:

To record regular daily working hours click the hours. To modify working hours click on the green + button. 

To set additional info such as cost object and description click on the + button first and then click "show details". 

Disable Working hours and Travel

It is possible to disable the usage of working hours recording and creating travel expense reports in the app. These settings can be adjusted in Salary model management in Netvisor fullversion:

Economics and Visma Manager

Purchase invoices can be accessed via Netvisor mobile app. Select Purchase invoices and you will be directed to Visma Manager application. 
Read more here. 


There are three different login methods; Bank authentication, mobile ID and Netvisor ID (will close down on 03/2022). Users who don't have none of the above, can be invited to start using the application by user administrator of the company. 

Users that already have Netvisor ID in use, can download Netvisor mobile application and start using it to login to Netvisor. Just make sure you have the newest version of the Netvisor mobile app in use before you start. You can download the application ("Netvisor") from Google Play and App Store. Afterwards you can utilize the application when logging in to Netvisor with your computer or when using the mobile app.

If you aren't already using Netvisor ID application, please contact your company's user administrator and see further instructions here: Login to Netvisor - instructions on how to get started . If you have Netvisor ID already in use, please follow instructions below.

After you have downloaded the application, follow these easy steps:

1. Authenticate yourself

You can authenticate yourself using banking credentials, mobile ID or Netvisor ID.

If none of these are applicable, ask for a new invitation from your company’s user admin.

2. Read and agree to terms of use

This is required from all new users

3. Create and confirm your PIN code

Create your PIN code and then type it again for confirmation

4. All set!

You can now login to Netvisor with your Netvisor App

Here's how to login to Netvisor on computer: 

1. Open the Netvisor login page into your browser -->

2. Open the Netvisor App and select “Netvisor-desktop”.

3. Scan QR code with your mobile app

4. Confirm the login with PIN code, fingerprint or Face ID

5. You’re in!

Here's how to login to Netvisor mobile application: 

1. Open the Netvisor app and choose “Netvisor mobile”

2. Confirm the login with PIN code, fingerprint or Face ID

3. You’re in!

For security reasons we don't support "rooted" or "jailbroken" devices. To use Netvisor, please use an unmodified device.

I forgot my PIN-code

If you forget your PIN-code enter the code six times incorrectly. After that you will be able to login again by using login methods.



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