Resource: warehouseevent.nv

HTTP-method: POST

Note! If you are using Rackbeat inventory management in Netvisor, the API documentation can be found here:

This resource allows importing a single warehouse event into Netvisor.

The data to import is included in the query as an XML with following structure:

2descriptionString0...1Description of the eventTest event
2referenceString1Reference number of the event1070
2deliverymethodString0...1Method of delivery, delivery methods are controlled in Netvisor, imported line must match with one in NetvisorPick up
2distributerString0...1ID or name of the distributor110
Attr.typeString0...1Attribute type:
- netvisor = NetvisorKey of the distributor
- customer = Name of the distributor
4eventtypeString1Type of the warehouse event, warehouse events are controlled in Netvisor, imported line must match with one in NetvisorSale
Attr.typeString0...1Type of the event, for now, always "customer"customer
4productString1Id of the product, netvisor-key or product code32154
Attr.typeString0...1Type of product id, "netvisor" or "customer"netvisor
4inventoryplaceString0...1Name of the warehouse. Warehouses are controlled in Netvisor, imported line must match with one in Netvisor. Imported line can also be matched to the warehouse using warehouse NetvisorKey, when atrribute type = netvisor.
Main warehouse
Attribute type:
- netvisor = NetvisorKey
4descriptionString0...1Description of the warehouse event line 
4quantityNumeric1Amount of products12
4unitpriceNumeric1Price of a single unit, always imported as net price100,00
4valuedateDate1Date of the warehouse event.2014-05-13
Attr.formatString1Always ansiansi
4statusString1Status of the warehouse eventopen

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