Resource: accounting.nv

HTTP-method: POST

Note! A transaction payment for web invoice will be charged for each voucher attachment imported to Netvisor via interface.

Vouchers, voucher lines, the lines' dimensions and attachments can be imported into accounting materials. The request must be directed to Accounting.nv resource without parameters. One request can only carry one voucher. If voucher's id is not given, the system automatically assigns a new id for it.

Allowed types of vouchers are (Finnish names must be used in voucherclass field when importing data):

  • Sales invoice (myyntilasku)
  • Sales payment (myyntisuoritus)
  • Bank (pankki)
  • Treasury (kassa)
  • Imported events (tuodut tapahtumat)
  • Automatic financial statements (automaattiset tilinpäätöskirjaukset)
  • Vouchers formed by the system (Järjestelmän muodostamat)
  • Purchase invoice (ostolasku)
  • Purchase payment (ostosuoritus)
  • Others (muut)
  • Accruals (jaksotukset)
  • Salaries (Palkka, PA)

Voucher line's sum's type, net or gross, is chosen for each voucher. If the type is net, the system will not automatically calculate VAT lines and rounding difference lines, and the voucher will be exactly as the imported material. When type is gross, VAT and rounding difference lines will be automatically calculated by the system.

The account chosen for the voucher must be found from the system, otherwise an INVALID_DATA error with further information is returned. VAT code is retrieved from the chosen account if it has not been specified. If the user enters a VAT code that conflicts with the VAT rate entered for the line, an error is returned with further information.

There must be always debit and credit sides when importing a voucher. Positive sum is recorded as debit and negative sum as credit. If the debit and credit entries do not match, the difference is automatically recorded in rounding differences.

One voucher line can relate to several dimensions. If the "Dimension Name" or "Dimension Item" values are not found in the system, it will create new ones.

While importing a voucher, several attachments can be included. The attachments need to be base64 encoded and included in the XML message. API doesn't check the size of the attachments, but the maximum size of attachments is 2GB.


LevelElement nameType and lengthOccursDescriptionExample
2calculationmodeText1net (vat lines are not calculated automatically) or gross (vat lines are calculated automatically)net
2voucherdateDate 1Date of the voucher
Attr.formatText 1Date format, always ansi
numberNumeric 0...1Number of voucher. If not given, system automatically picks next number
descriptionText, max. 2550...1Description of the voucher 
voucherclassText1Myyntilasku, Myyntisuoritus, Pankki, Kassa, Tuodut tapahtumat, Automaattiset tilinpäätöskirjaukset, Järjestelmän muodostamat, Ostolasku, Ostosuoritus or Muut
2checkedText0...1Defines whether imported voucher rises to unchecked postings view. True or false. False by default.false
3linesumNumeric1Negative value is recorded to credit side and positive value on debit side. Two decimal maximum.
Attr.typeText 0...1net or gross
 3descriptionText, max. 255 0...1Description text 
accountnumberNumeric1Accounting account number, must be found or an error is returned
vatpercentNumeric1Must not be in conflict with vatcode attribute
Attr.vatcodeText0...1If not given, value behind account number is used. 
Allowed VAT-classes are listed here.
3accountdimensionText0...1Voucher's follow-up object.Seurantakohde 1
Attr.typeText1name or netvisorkey (shown only in Netvisor)name
4dimensionnameText1Dimension name. If dimension is not found from system, it is created
Project 1
 4dimensionitemText1Dimension. If item in dimension is not found from system, it is created
4mimetypeText1MIME-type of the attachment
attachmentdescriptionText, max 100 characters1Description text for the attachment
Example attachment
filenameText, max 255 character1File name of the attachment
documentdataBase641Data of the attachment as base64 encoded string 

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