Resource: customerlist.nv

HTTP-method: GET

This section describes how to retrieve a list of customers from Netvisor. The customer list contains basic information (NetvisorID, name, customer's code, company ID and URI for retrieving detailed customer information). Detailed customer information can then be retrieved with Get Customer Details.

Querystring parameters:

Parameter nameOccursDescription
keyword0...1Filters result list with given keyword. Match is searched from following fields: Name, Customer Code, Organization identifier, CoName. If the keyword parameter is given, changedsince is ignored. 
changedsince0...1Filters result to contain only customers having change after given date, date in format YYYY-MM-DDTHH:mm:ss2012-01-01
customercodelist0...1Filters result with given customercodes. Customercodes should be separated with comma. The list can include maximum of 100 alfanumeric customer codes.
Note! Parameter keyword can be used with customercodelist. Filters result with given customercodes AND with given keyword.

Keyword parameter is used over changedsince


LevelElement nameType and lengthOccursDescriptionExample
3NetvisorkeyInteger1Customer identifier in Netvisor123
3NameString1Name of the customerCustomer X
3CodeString1Customer code234
3OrganisationIdentifierString1Customers organization identifier if not consumer customer12345678-9
3CustomerGroupIDInteger1Customer Group ID, where the customer belongs. Can be empty.2
3CustomerGroupNameString1Customer Group Name, where the customer belongs. Can be emptyCustomer group 1
3UriString1URI that can be used to get details of current customer/getcustomer.nv?id=123

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