Resource: purchaseinvoiceaccrual.nv

HTTP-method: POST

Purchase invoice can be accrued by giving start month and year and end month and year or start month and year or divisioncurve. Accual end time can not be before the start time and start time can be invoice's event month at the earliest. The invoice accrued can't be accounted. The purchase invoice can not be accrued on a locked period.

When using divisioncurve the accrual can have monthly percentage values. When using start month and year and end month and year the accrual is done using even percentage for the given time span. For example 3/2021-4/2021 accrues the invoice rows for March and April with 50%.

The following describes the XML message to import (POST) purchase invoice accrual into Netvisor:

1purchaseinvoiceaccrualAggr.1Purchase invoice accrual
2invoiceidentifierAggr.1Purchase invoice identifier, either NetvisorID or invoice number
3netvisorkeyNumeric0...1Purchase invoice NetvisorID123
3invoicenumberString0...1Purchase invoice number123
2accrualruleAggr.1Accrual rule
3startmonthNumeric1Accrual start month3
3startyearNumeric1Accrual start year2021
3divisioncurvenameString, max 2500...1Division curve name, has to be uniqueDepreciations
3endmonthNumeric0...1Accrual end month4
3endyearNumeric0...1Accrual end year2021

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