Permissions to control, approve and pay purchase invoices can be managed via Accounts receivable and accounts payable rights. In this view it can also be defined accounts receivable rights that affects the visibility of sales invoices and stock management.

By clicking the title the view listed by users will show up. In order a person appears on the list, he/she must have user rights for the company.

Posting purchase invoice

No right to posting: The person does not see the purchase invoice posting lines or possible cost objects for the purchase invoice.

Row data management without posting data: The cost objects can be specified for the purchase invoice, but posting lines are not visible.

Posting suggestion: The user can submit a posting proposal to the posting lines on the purchase invoice. However, this does not post the invoice. The person can specify the cost objects for the purchase invoice.

Posting possibility, shall not be posted by default: Allows to post a purchase invoice. Posting is not automatically selected.

Posting possibility, shall be posted by default: Allows to post a purchase invoice. Posting is automatically selected.

The issue controller of purchase invoices

In order to set the person as the issue controller of a purchase invoice he/she must have this right. With this right a person can also be chosen as the main controller of purchase invoices.

Purchase invoice delimitation by vendor

The user has access to every vendors invoices by default. The right may be limited to invoices of certain vendors only. To narrow down suppliers, use the Specify button.

Isn't allowed to browse invoices of other vendors

In addition, it can be defined that the user does not see invoices from other vendors. If the "Isn't allowed to browse invoices of other vendors" option is selected the user will only see invoices from authorized vendors.

Right to verify invoices "only cleared to user"

If no one has been selected to verify an invoice, it can be verified by anyone with sufficient rights. "Only cleared to user" option allows the user to check only the purchase invoices for which he/she has been appointed as an issue controller. Once the permissions have been saved the view will be updated by pressing the "Update data" button at the bottom of the screen. This option also affects the reporting and purchase invoice list. The user will see in the reports only the invoices that he/she has been involved during the verifying process.

The approver of purchase invoices

An invoice may be approved by a person who has the right to approve purchase invoices.

Approval only for invoices of a certain euro limit

Approval right can be limited to a certain euro limit per invoice, beyond which he/she can not approve the invoice. In addition, the user can not be added manually to a circulation list for purchase invoices, if the invoice amount is above the user's approval limit. If an automated circulation list is used where the user is an invoice approver and the approval limit is exceeded, that circulation list will not be used. In that case the invoice comment will be following: The circulation list could not be set because the approver of the invoice does not have enough permissions.

The payer of purchase invoices and salaries

The invoice may be paid by the person who has the right to pay the purchase invoices. This also affects salaries and if the person also pays salaries via Netvisor, he/she must have the right to pay the purchase invoices. The right to pay also affects the visibility of the cash flow forecast (it also appears without the right to pay if the person has the rights of an Accountant).

Payment right only for invoices of a certain euro limit

Payment right can also be limited to a certain euro limit per invoice, beyond which he/she can not make the payment. If the field is blank or the limit is zero, the limit is disabled and it is possible to pay as much as there is money in the bank account.

Payment right can also be set to a certain euro limit per day.

Verification of payments

If you wish that some person can not pay invoices directly, it is possible to make a payment verification rule. This means that it can be specified how many people need to confirm the payment before it can be sent to the bank. It is also possible to define those persons who are able to pay without confirmations. Verification rule can be set in the "Payment Verification Settings" (= "Maksujen vahvistamisen asetukset") link.

In order to define these rights, it is required to have the Company administrator role or Accounting office's administrator (TPK) role. Verification also affects for paying bank transfers and salaries.

Bank transfer payer

In order to pay bank transfers in Netvisor the person must have payment rights for bank transfers. It is not possible to set a payment limit for bank transfers.

Purchase order approver

If the company deals Purchase Orders in Netvisor, the person must have the right to accept purchase orders. Purchase orders cannot be sent without being approved.

Person setting purchase invoice's approval circulation

With this right the person can define who checks and who accepts the purchase invoice. If a checker/approver is already been placed to an invoice, this person can change the checker/approver or delete the circulation that has already been placed. (Company's Circulation lists can be managed in Netvisor via Purchases > Purchase invoices > Circulation lists of purchase invoices)

Purchase invoice automation rules

This right allows the person to make automation rules for the purchase invoices (Purchases > Purchase invoices > automatic Processing).

Accounts receivable rights

When dealing with sales orders and invoices, it can be defined weather the user sees the purchase prices (products stored in the Product List) or not and can he/she edit the purchase prices.

If this information is not visible to the user, the prices will be replaced by a * -mark. Selection also affects stock management.

It is possible to set the same visibility for sales commissions paid on sales invoices.

In addition, it is possible to select weather the person can view the invoices and orders entered by him/herself only. If this selection is not ticked the person can also view orders and invoices made by other users and Netvisor's automation (=Contractual invoicing).

If the box is ticked and the person manually makes invoices through contractual invoicing, he/she will see those invoices, but if contractual invoicing automatically makes invoices overnight the user will not see these invoices.

Once the accounts receivable and accounts payable rights have been defined, be sure to press the "Update data" button at the bottom of the view. Otherwise, the changes will not be saved.


In order to receive e-mails from Netvisor the following settings must be placed:

  • The user must have at least following rights at the Purchase section in the user profile (function specific rights):
  • Accounts Payable Basic Functions (=Ostoreskontran perustoiminnot) and Accounts Payable Views and Lists (=Ostoreskontran näkymät ja luettelot), both require editing authorization.
  • User settings > System communication > Default message channel: Email.
  • User settings can be found via user name in the top bar of Netvisor (the person who added the user can also set this information)
  • User settings > Timing settings
  • User settings > Communication settings

The communication settings below also appear under Accounts receivable and accounts payable rights.

Notification of purchase invoices to verify: The e-mail will be sent to anyone who can verify the purchase invoices in the company.
Notification of purchase invoices to verify allocated to the user only: The e-mail will be sent only to the person who has been defined as a purchase invoice checker.
Notification of purchase invoices to approve: The e-mail will be sent to the person who can approve the invoice.
Notification of due purchase invoices: The e-mail will be sent about invoices that are ready to be paid or overdue.
Notification of travel expense reports to approve: The e-mail will be sent if the person is eligible to accept travel invoices and he/she has received a travel invoice for approval.





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