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Marja-Liisa Lohtander


The old balance sheet specification will be removed on 27th January

11-01-2022 10:55 am tekijä Marja-Liisa Lohtander

From 28th January on, there will be only the new balance sheet specification tool in Netvisor. If you are not yet using the new one, start using it by clicking the button shown in picture 1. 


Picture 1. Take the new balance sheet specification in use.

The performance of the new balance sheet specification is higher and the usability is better. The balance sheet items are opening more quickly and the design supports the making of specifications better. The basic functions are working as earlier.

Picture 2. The new balance sheet specification. 

What is new?

  • Balance sheet items and accounts are easy to open from the arrow -icons shown in the beginning of the rows.

  • You can drill to the vouchers from the links shown on voucher lines.

  • You can choose whether you want to see rows with zero balance or not with a new setting (Financials - Financial statement - Financial statements’ setting - Balance sheet specifications setting). Default setting is that rows with zero balance are not shown on specifications. The setting includes account balances and follow-up items with zero balance.

  • There is an attention icon for unitemized balances.

  • The pdf-report of balance sheet specification includes pagination between “Assets” and “Equity and liabilities”. The pagination is also made when forming financial statements reports. 

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