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Juha Kuokkanen

The use of old module-based Netvisor pricing will end 12/31/2021

24-09-2021 8:43 am tekijä Juha Kuokkanen

The use of old module-based Netvisor pricing will end 12/31/2021. If your company has started to use Netvisor after May 2019 or has already changed to package pricing, this information does not apply to your company.


All Netvisor customers must change to package pricing until the end of the year 2021. We aim to make this change as easy as possible for you. We recommend a suitable package for your company based on the current services you have. The change only takes a few minutes in the Netvisor Store.


How do you start using package pricing?


You can easily change your company’s pricing model to package pricing by yourself in the Netvisor Store. You can see the monthly prices of different packages and a recommended package for your company from Netvisor Store. We recommend a suitable package based on your current Netvisor features. The change is made with a couple of clicks directly in the Netvisor Store and it only takes a few minutes. If you are not sure what kind of pricing your company currently uses, you can simply check it from the Netvisor Store.


If you do not change to package pricing independently, we will transfer you to package pricing automatically by the end of the year. All customers will be moved to packages that correspond to their current services. No features will be lost during the automated transfers. Instead, some customers might get new features, such as unlimited users in Netvisor.


Why is the change in pricing needed?


There are two main reasons for changing our pricing model to package pricing. First, package pricing supports both the automatisation of financial management and responds better to the demands of new e-invoice law. These changes will help your company to comply with the tax authority’s planned transaction based value added tax reporting.


Secondly, we have maintained two separate pricing models and invoicing systems, which has taken a lot of resources. The Majority of our customers already use package pricing. By changing all customers into one pricing and invoicing system, we are able to allocate our resources towards developing Netvisor even more. Furthermore, the transparency of our customer invoicing improves when all customers use the same pricing.


If you have any questions about the change, you can ask help from our customer service or your partner manager.


Best Regards

Netvisor Team

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