Bidirectional data transfer
Deployment of integration in Netvisor


Software integrations are the most versatile way to transfer data between different systems. They enable bidirectional automatic data transfer. Software system integrations always require an external system that excecutes the data transfer between the two systems. Software system integrations also require enabling Web Service Interface resources and creating API identifiers for customer's Netvisor user. Using Web Service Interface is included in Professional, Premium and Palkat service packages. More information about pricing is found here.

Our software partners have executed many integrations and their descriptions can be found from Netvisor's MarketPlace. If you cannot find a ready integration from MarketPlace, new integrations can be executed within the limitations of Netvisor API. In order to build a new implemetation you need a developer because Visma Solutions Oy does not make or subcontract new implementations. If you are interested in building an integration to Netvisor, you can find our documentation here.

Bidirectional data transfer

Bidirectional data transfer enables integrating customer's external system to Netvisor in a modern way.

The interface can be integrated with large and small systems. Netvisor supports transmitting the following information via Web Service Interface:

  • Sales invoices
  • Sales orders
  • Purchase invoices
  • Purchase order
  • Products
  • Customers
  • Accounting vouchers
  • Bank transfers
  • Salary parameters for payroll
  • Working hours for resource management

The following information can be retreived from Netvisor Web Service Interface:

  • Payments
  • Bank transfers
  • Customers
  • Purchase orders
  • Products
  • Invoices and invoice balances
  • Accounting information (by dimensions)

The following systems (for example) can be integrated to Netvisor:

  • Web shops
  • ERPs
  • Timecard-/work time entry systems
  • Invoicing systems
  • Project management systems

Deployment of integration in Netvisor

1.Choosing the software partner from MarketPlace

It is important to choose an appropriate software partner in order to get the biggest advantage of the integration. Our MarketPlace site presents variety of different integrations divided in categories. MarketPlace offers ready-made solutions to many service providers. MarketPlace offers e.g. BI-solutions, collection services and solutions for importing sales invoices from different web shops.

The first step in choosing the software partner is to outline needs and demands. After that you can look for ready implementations from MarketPlace. Behind every company link there is a short description of the integration and of the data that can be transferred. When you find a suitable integration or few alternatives, contact the service provider/s and ask for more information about the service and pricing. The software partners sustain the integrations and they determine the content and pricing of their service.

2. Using Netvisor's Web Service Interface is included in Professional, Premium and Palkat (Payroll) service packages. If needed, the service package can be changed in NetvisorStore.

3. API identifiers

In order to implement an integration in Netvisor you need to create API identifiers. You can create the identifiers in Company menu > API identifiers by clicing the button "Create new API identifiers". Created UserID and Key should be delivered to the software partner or saved to the integration settings. You can find more information about API identifiers in API identifiers.

4. Enabling Web Service Interface resources

The Web Service Interface resources have to be enabled in order for the integration to work. These can be enabled in Company menu  > API resource access rights. More detailed instructions on enabling the resources can be found from our instruction Rights of interface resources 

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