Data transfer between Netvisor and other systems is importat for customers and it facilitates day-to-day work. That is why there are multiple integrations between Netvisor and many other systems. These enable versatile ways to transfer data and they are easily deployed.

In addition Netvisor supports data transfer in other ways. It is possible to import data from other financial administration systems using Data import tool in Netvisor. For examle accounting details and sales invoices can be imported using Data import tool or Smart Excel tables. It is also possible to import payslips and work time information using Smart Excel tables. eScan and Visma Scanner enable importing paper receipts or purchase invoices on paper to Netvisor.

1. Software system intergations
2. Data import
3. Smart Excel tables
4. eScan and Visma Scanner

1. Software system integrations

Software system integrations are the most versatile way to transfer data between Netvisor and other systems. Integrations enable bidirectional data transfer between two systems. Software system integrations always require a different system that executes the data transfer between the two systems. Integration can enable e.g. importing sales invoices from another system to Netvisor to be sent to customers or monitoring sales payments. Software system integrations always require enabling interface access rights. It is possible to use Web Service Interface with Professional, Premium and Palkat service packages.

Our software system partners have excecuted multiple integrations and their descriptions can be found from Netvisor's MarketPlace (in Finnish). If the integration can't be found from MarketPlace, new integrations can be built within the limitations of our Web Service Interface. In order to build an integration, you need a developer because Visma Solutions Oy does not produce or subcontract integrations.

2. Data import

Data import function is a useful solution when customer is depolying Netvisor and data needs to be imported to Netvisor from the old bookkeeping system. Data import function can also be used when data is imported rarely and setting up a software system integration is not reasonable because the amount of transferred data is so small. The Data import is always done manually by a Netvisor user and the imported data has to be in .csv format.

The following data can be imported with Data import function:

-Customer details
-Vendor details
-Product details
-Bookkeeping data
-In addition sales invoices can be imported (Finvoice 1.2) in XML format (Lasku/suoritus XML)

The Data import function is free of charge and included in all service packages but the sales invoice import requires activating Web Service Interface. 

3. Smart Excel tables

Netvisor has developed Smart Excel tables for importing and prosessing data efficiently from external systems. The tables utilize VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) scripts which enable different functions. All tables contain built-in functionalities for importing data directly from the table to Netvisor but adding data to the Table has to be done manually every time. Using Smart Excel tables is easy and simple.

The following data can be imported with Smart Excel tables:

-Accounting vouchers
-Invoicing information
-Working time

Smart Excel tables can be used free of charge and they are included in all service packages. The import is done by using Netvisor API service so using Smart Excel tables requires activating Web Service Interface in Netvisor. You can read more from the article Smart Excel tables - General information and deployment.

4. eScan and Visma Scanner

eScan and Visma Scanner enable importing electronic receipts and purchase invoices on paper to Netvisor. The material can be sent as email attachments or imported using Visma Scanner mobile app. The service is meant for both accounting offices and end customers.

There's no need for paper receipts and paper vouchers because these can be scanned to financial management. This way accounting with its archives can be completely in electronic form. Transferring material in electronic form also mimizes the need for customers to visit accounting offices because there is no need to physically transfer materials to accounting office.

eScan and Visma Scanner are free of charge and the service is activated as default for all Netvisor customers. A transaction fee of import is charged reagardless of the import manner. If the user has Travel service activated, importing receipts via Visma Scanner and email is free of charge.

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